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Here's how to stay warm and dry in bad weather while fishing, no matter the time of year. And being comfortable always lends itself to a more productive fishing day.

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Simms Windstopper Guide Beanie: https://bit.ly/3aKff8R   

Simms Challenger Bib: https://bit.ly/39ejXLp 

Simms Challenger Jacket: https://bit.ly/2T0xErn  

Simms ProDry Glove plus Liner: https://bit.ly/357215a


Hey, folks, Glenn May here with BassResource.com, and it's springtime here and you know in the spring the weather can be hit or miss. Today, it's going to be a nice day. It's going to be warm, it's going to be low 70s, comfortable. Yesterday, it was in the 50s and pouring down rain. You never know from one day to the next what the weather's going to be like.

The important thing is, when you're out there fishing, you need to be comfortable. Comfortable, dry, warm, so you're not thinking about, you know, going inside, you're thinking about fishing. So, I want to tell you a little bit about what I do to maintain my comfort level while I'm out there on the water.

The first thing I want to show you is, you know, you're probably wondering why I got these gloves on. Look at these gloves that I have. They look like ski gloves, don't they? This is actually fishing gloves. It is by... It's made by Simms, look at that. Made by Simms and what they are, they're GORE-TEX®. 100% GORE-TEX®, so they're waterproof, they're comfortable, they're insulated, so they're warm.

They're made out of goatskin on the palms here. That's important when you're driving down the lake. I wear these when I drive down the lake. The reason being is, the goatskin, you got lots of grip on the steering wheel so it doesn't slide. They're warm and they're 100% waterproof.

They got a Velcro strap here, so I can adjust however I want to. But a lot of you are like... I'm sure you're thinking, why don't you just get ski gloves, right? When you want to get apparel, you want to get stuff that's designed for fishing and the folks at Simms have thought about that. Look at this. It's got a liner. Check that out. It's nice and warm and comfortable. And the fingers are exposed, so I can still feel the rod and the reel and the line when I'm fishing. And I got the dexterity that I can use for tying knots and all those type of things. Both gloves come that way. It's designed for fishing, that's what you want to do. These are perfect. I've used these all the time. Wear these while I'm driving down the lake and then I pop these out and I'm nice and warm and comfortable.Today, it's going to be a nice day, so I don't need to have these gloves on, so let's pull that right off. But wonderful, wonderful gloves. You got to get a pair.

One other thing I wear is a wool hat when it's nice and cold outside. And you can get any old wool hat, whatever you want, but the thing I like about this is it's got WINDSTOPPER® inside of it. I don't know if you've ever heard of WINDSTOPPER®, but what that does is...it's the name, it actually stops the wind. And that's critical. You know, when it's always cold outside there it always seems to be windy, which makes it even colder. Well, a wool hat really helps with that, keeps you warm, but that WINDSTOPPER®, that's what keeps your head nice and warm. This is kind of like a portable heater on your head. Love it. And this is also made by Simms. Absolutely love this hat. Check it out. You guys are going to love it. This is actually really good in the wintertime, too. Perfect.

Now, like I said, it was pouring down rain yesterday, so to keep warm and keep dry...I wore my rain suit. I want to tell you what I wear. Now, here's the thing, what I used to do when I was fishing, I used to get out and just go to Walmart, whatever, and just find a rain suit, any old rain suit that would do it and I wore that when I went fishing.

There's a big difference between those rain suits and the ones that are designed for fishing. I didn't think there really was, until I actually starting buying gear that was designed for fishing. There really is a mound of difference.

And so, what I've gone with is with the Simms gear, as well. Obviously, I really like them. I'm beginning to sound like a commercial for them, but honestly, I really do like them. There is a reason for it. They design gear for fishermen. Take these pants, for example, these coveralls, these rain coveralls here. These are made by...and they call it TORAY fabric.

Now, Simms, if you don't know, they actually got their start in fly fishing and this fabric is what they use for waders. So, this is going to keep you perfect, 100% waterproof, but it's also durable. It's designed to be battered and beaten around. So, we don't...us fishermen aren't that hard on the gear, so this is going to last you forever. It's 100% waterproof.

The thing I like about it, it's got several things here. It's got an elastic waist around here. You can't see it, look at this, the camo hides it. There's a little pocket right inside here. You pull that back and there's your adjustment, right there. Okay. Nice and hidden, but it's elastic adjustment, goes all around the waist, so it keeps it nice and fit so it doesn't hang off me. It's got the suspenders that are completely adjustable, they're comfortable. They don't bind into my shoulders, like I've had with other gear.

Here's where we start getting to the fishing part. A couple things here, it's got a pocket here. Inside that pocket is actually, it's designed to hold tools. It's reinforced so you can put pliers in there for fishing. Down here, it has a zipper. It's reinforced with, and again, Velcro bindings down here. What this does, it allows you to take these on and off, while you still got your boots on. And I find that is immensely convenient. Makes a huge difference in your day. Then you can Velcro this up right around the cuffs of your boots so it stays fit but not tight. It's not binding.

But here's a real cool thing I like about it. I've had rain pants before where they've hung down by the bottom, you know, the heels of my pants and I've stepped on those heels a lot and they get wore out, get torn. Check this out. They've got this reinforced material right here on the heel, all the way around. So you can step on it and it's not going to tear or rip. It's not going to fray. It's not going to fall apart. These things are designed to last. They know, the folks at Simms know how we beat up our gear.

So that's these. Love 'em. They also have the D-rings on here, for us boaters. We can hook up our kill-switch right to it. 

Let me show you the rain suit real quick. The rain suit, this is what I really love. Obviously now, I've got the camo, the gray camo. Because when it's raining, it's gray out, right? So I want to blend in a little bit when the fish is looking up at the sky.

But, here's the thing, so it's got the Velcro on here. Check this out, this is important. This is the difference between normal rain gear and fishing rain gear. The way they've got this bound up like this, see it's...it holds it tight to my arm. It's not going to hit my arm like when I'm flipping and pitching. A lot of times the rod handle comes up and catches on it, and it's annoying, and all day long, you're just catching all day long, catching your sleeve all day long. Well, this doesn't do that. It's designed to hold tight to you. I really like that a lot.

It's comfortable. It's got fleece-lined pockets on the inside. It's made out of that same Toray fabric so you know it's durable and it's 100% waterproof. Let me put this back on.

The hood, this three-way adjustable hood... And this is what I really like about it, goes up, you can bind it down once you're all tightened up here. It binds down tight, right around your head, so when you're running down the lake, it's not going to come off. Adjustments are right here on the side, on each side. And it holds. I've had gear before where the little clips there don't hold it down very well and it pulls off. These hold. I can guarantee, I can promise you that, because I've tested them out myself.

The other thing I like about this. Okay, so it's got an inside pocket right here, which is great. You can put gear in there but, here it's got an outside pocket. This is where I put my cell phone when I'm fishing so I have easy access to it, I can hear it. This is kind of cool. Simms put inside here... It's a little rag, right inside of the pocket, there's a little clip right here, holds that in place, a little rag. You use this to wipe your glasses off, get all the water off of it. Who thinks of that stuff? Well, the folks at Simms do. It's really cool. I don't know of any other rain gear that has anything like that. Neat little thing, I mean, that's the kind of thing of when they design this gear.

This rain suit also has dual kill-switch anchors, so you can connect your kill-switch to it, again, you're not going to get that if you're just getting any old rain gear out there that's not designed for fishing. The hood stores away in a collar when you're not in use, so it's not flapping around on you and here's the thing, the little parts on this thing, like the zippers. They're made out of nylon so they're not going to resist...excuse me, they're not going to rust. Minimizes corrosion, they're going to last a long time, they're durable.

This is going to keep you warm and dry and comfortable. It's very lightweight. It's breathable, so you can wear this in the summertime in the heat. You can wear this in the fall. You can wear it in the spring. You can wear it in the wintertime. This gear is designed, your arms won't get all sticky on the inside or anything like that. It's very, very comfortable. I'm telling you what, if you guys are looking for outdoor gear, you need to check out the line-up from Simms. You're going to love it.