Seaguar Smackdown Braided Line

Shaw Grigsby explains how to use the new Smackdown braided line from Seaguar.

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Hey, BassResource fans. Guess what? It’s Shaw Grigsby here and we're at the Bass Master's Classic, but I got to show you one of my favorite products of all time. This thing has just come out. It's a brand new braided line called Smackdown by Seaguar. Now, what makes it so good is that every single braided line is made up of carriers and they braid them altogether and the more that you have pretty much the smoother it gets.


Well, in the Smackdown line, all the way from the small pound test to the very largest, it is got eight carriers and it's so smooth that I could run this through the guide and you won't hear it. So, you've heard everybody set a hook with braid and it's e, e, e, you can hear it immediately. So, he's got braid on his reels, right? You can't do that with Smack Down. Super, super quiet, super thin and yet retains the strength.


So, you can make long casts, put a lot on your reel, you can dropshot with it, you can do so many different things. I use it exclusively on top waters. So, topwater baits is one of my favorite things. When I'm throwing a topwater bait, I've got Smackdown on it. If I'm throwing drop shot, I put it on my reel. If I've got real clear water, I back it up and always put a top shot of probably about eight pound InvizX and just line it up for about 10 feet of that to maybe 15 feet of InvizX.


Now, I've got the perfect drop shot because now I can set the hook, I've got great connectivity, great feel with the braid and yet when I go to set the hook, I've got really nice spongy there with the InvizX. I've got all the shock I need to keep from breaking anything off, the connecting or connecting knot where you tied together or anything. So, it's the best possible thing you could do. Drop shotting, topwater and naturally flipping and pitching. It's a thin diameter, get more bites and its super, super strong and quiet. So, you can't have anything better. You're flipping, you're not hearing it going through your guides every flip, you hook a fish.  You are not having it spook anything.


So, you try it out. It's the brand new Smackdown. I think it's the best braided line I've ever thrown in my life time.

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