Seaguar Tatsu Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

Shaw Grigsby explains how Seaguar Tatsu fluorocarbon fishing line is made, and how to use it.

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Hey BassResource fans, Shaw Grigsby, right here. We're at the Bass Master Classic. We're in the Seaguar booth.


And why am I in the Seaguar booth? I am here because they make the best fluorocarbon lines ever. They invented fluorocarbon, so anybody that's been using fluorocarbon, it's all because of Seaguar.


Now let me show you the deal. Seaguar is the only company that makes different types of fluorocarbon. So we have Red Label, we have Invizx, we have Abrazx, and we have top of the line Tatsu.


Now Tatsu is an amazing, amazing fluorocarbon. When the money is on the line, it's the only line to have, because it's a double structure fluorocarbon, which means it actually has a coating that's abrasion resistant on the outside and a good solid center. It's still one line, so don't think it's two lines, but it's the way it's extruded and the materials that they use.


Again, remember they invented this stuff, so they make it from start to finish. They don't buy it from other people. They develop every aspect of it from each one of the polymers and they put it together. They have their own machines. It's the best. Even when you see it on a spool, if you look real, real tight in the spool, it's perfectly aligned. They don't mess up. They don't crisscross it. It's the smoothest, best line with the least memory, so I can take it on a really, really cold fishing day.


Grand Lake last year, at the Bass Master's Classic, was freezing cold with ice and snow. You could throw it out there with a suspending jerk bait, in 40-something degree water, you jerk it down. Any other fishing line you have has memory. And the colder it is, the worse it is. So now when that bait is supposed to be sitting still, it's not because those coils are slowly, but surely, winding back and they're dragging your bait.


Tatsu won't do that. It is perfectly flat, level, and out there. If you jerk it down, it's where it's at. If fish hit it, you feel them. You have the double structure. You have everything going for you. It's the most phenomenal, phenomenal fluorocarbon line out there. Trust me, all of them are great. Tatsu's the best of the best.

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