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Seeker Rods is new to bass fishing in 2012.  Check out their innovative designs!

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Hey everybody, my name is Darin Dohi. I'm the General Manager over at Seeker Fishing Rods. We have come up with a new line of traditional, old school style fiberglass rods with a new twist to them. We've got a Seeker Signature Series Tommy Martin and Paul Elias rod. It's made out of a space age material used in military applications. It's a true S-class, unlike some of the other competition on the market today. We've equipped them with a blank through reel seek, EVA grips and we've color coded them because all the rods in the line are the same color.

   They fall under the React Pro Series. We have crankbait rods, rattlinbait rods, spinnerbait rods, jerkbaits and we even have a deep diving crankbait rod that'll get you way, way down there. It's a seven foot eleven, and they're all color coded with these bands down here at the bottom of the grip.

   These different colors will signify which type of bait that you're going to be throwing. Once they're stowed away in your rod lockers on your boats, you'll clearly be able to identify which rod you need to pull out for a different type of fishing.

   The interesting thing is these are not the '70s vintage old lunker sticks that we used to use way back when. These are today's different actions. They are very much a unique type of rod. They're soft in the tip, but plenty of power in the back, and they are exactly what you would need to not only get the fish hooked, but once you're fighting the fish, the rod is going to give enough to not pull those hooks free from their mouth, so you'd have far less fish jumping off the hooks, you'll land more fish, and that's really what these are all about.

   The interesting thing about this is these particular rod blanks have been built for the last six, seven, eight years, and just this year we've decided to bring them out as a Seeker branded rod with all the proper equipment, the componentry and whatever. We've equipped them with the Fuji guides, the BK new micro guides. They're number fours. They cast like a dream.

   You will find that they are probably the best casting glass rods on the market and they're just amazing pieces. That's why we have legendary fishermen like Tommy Martin and Paul Elias committed to our brand.

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