Shimano Sustain FG

ICAST 2011
See the new Shimano Sustain FG spinning reel before it hits the stores in 2012!



Hi, my name is Kenichi Iida, with Shimano American Corporation.  Today, I want to talk about our new Sustained FG.  The biggest difference between this and the previous generation Sustain is the feature called X Ship.  What it does for fishing is actually the X Ship feature increases 20% more cranking power.  20% more cranking power in spinning reel category is, unheard of.  So, this is very unique feature.  

Basically supporting the pinion gear with the two bearings, top and the bottom, to avoid any tilt, or the power loss.  And we also reviewed the post-turning drive again in pinion gear, to get the best setting.  Secondly, Magnum Light Spool, this is a brand new CI4.  It's lighter, and stronger than we've previously introduced the CI4 material on Stradic.  So, by using this only for the rudder to reduce the weight.  It gives you much lighter handle rotation, and less momentum move.  So, allows angler to stop anytime, anywhere you want.

Last, this is a Rapid Fire drag.  An average spinning wheel, your drag wrench is 5 1/2 to 6 turns.  On the water, anglers are using about 1 1/2 wrench turn.  This allows you to, by decreasing the drag wrench, so your drag curve is actually like this.  You going to be adjusting the drag, maybe after from here to here, some case, right here.  And this will allow anglers to adjust the drag setting during the fight, very quickly.

Last, kickstand.  This unique, cool looking thing.  On the boat, with the lock on, it will save your bell, your handle, and this is only threaded into the side cover and nothing to do with the internal parts.  Which handle is directly threaded into drive gear, you want to keep that off that deck on this side.  Sustain will be available in September.  This is going to be your next bass reel.