Spooling Braided Line on Baitcast Reels

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Having trouble with braided line backlashes and digging in? Aaron Martens reveals a terrific tip on getting the best performance from braided line.

Yeah, that's a good point. On the braided lines, when you do back end with the braided lines, make sure you do it really tight. It should burn your finger a little bit or wear gloves but do it where you can't stick your fingernail in it. You know what, it's super tight, that helps. Anytime you spool braid, you want to make sure, like, even when I did a solid braid for fall or something, I did it to the point where you can't stick your finger in the line. It should be hard, like you shouldn't be able to get your fingernail in it. Like if you try to get a fingernail in it, it should be hard and, you know, like a solid surface. That's important so you don't get those line sinks and it keeps everything, it casts better, it's just better that way.