Stretching Exercises For Fishing Pain

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Often overlooked, are ways to reduce pain from fishing. Here are some exercises to help reduce the effects of tendinitis, tennis elbow, and other ailments related to fishing.

Aaron:             And I stretch really good when I get back. And I still don't stretch cold, but I do some stretches in the morning to kind of get moving. But I know some really good ones for you guys that saves your elbows and stuff.

Russ:               Can you show us a couple . . .

Aaron:             Yeah, they're funny looking.

Russ:               . . . some exercises?

Aaron:             This is the best one right here.

Russ:               OK.

Aaron:             Everyone want to do it? [laughs]

Russ:               No, just show us how to do it. Come on, come on, let's go.

Aaron:             Yeah. Yeah.

Russ:               Like this, [??] like this.

Aaron:             No, I got taught this by a . . .

Russ:               Okay. You go like this.

Aaron:             . . . sports . . .

Russ:               Okay.

Aaron:             . . . doctor that worked in the Olympics.

Russ:               Okay. And do like this.

Aaron:             And she told me a few of them, but this is the one that's helped me the most.

Russ:               Okay.

Aaron:             Now keep your elbows kinda in.

Russ:               Of course I've got to suck my gut in, sorry.

Aaron:             Yep, and try to keep your shoulders straight. And in any stretch you wanna keep good posture. But you turn your wrist in like this, basically. You're trying to turn in. And keep your palms planted, push your palms together real hard. Make sure your palms are planted together, don't let them come apart. And then reverse your hands, and then kinda stand real straight, and just hold it there. And you'll feel it stretch your wrist, and you'll feel a lot of tension there, and you'll feel the tension right here.

Russ:               You're doing this to me? Oh, my gosh, she's taking a picture of me. That's my daughter. She's gonna be like, 'Dad, this is what you need to do.'

Aaron:             But this is a real good one.

Russ:               Yeah.

Aaron:             So I'm pretty flexible. I can almost turn them straight in, but . . .

Russ:               Wow.

Aaron:             . . . you got to keep your elbows in. But I keep it about right there, and I hold it . . .

Russ:               . . . [SS] . . .

Aaron:             You feel it, yeah, right here?

Russ:               Right up in here, yeah.

Aaron:             Yeah, right there. And you feel that. And I did have some elbow pains. And I asked her, she's really smart. She'd been in the Olympics. She'd done deep tissue massage on lots of Olympians. She told me that one. And after you do it, she said, you have to shake.

Russ:               . . . [SS] . . . tight. OK.

Aaron:             You have to shake your hands really fast.

Russ:               You're shaking your wrist for . . . [SS] . . .

Aaron:             She said, don't do this, to do it real hard. So you can do that, and then you go up and down. It looks really funny. But, man, I had a little bit of elbow pain, and I have not had elbow pain since I've been stretching with that stretch.

Russ:               And Glenn's videoing this, so this is great.

Aaron:             Yeah.

Russ:               We're all doing like this.

Aaron:             Yep. And I do it in the boat sometimes. I hide a little bit. I go like this.

Russ:               Yeah.

Aaron:             But this one, that one, we did that one. And then reverse, same thing.

Russ:               Oh, the same thing.

Aaron:             Yep, same thing.

Russ:               Yeah, okay.

Aaron:             They do that. But this is the . . .

Russ:               Wow, I can really feel that.

Aaron:             . . . tendinitis. The tennis elbow saver.

Russ:               Yeah, that's why I had surgery.

Aaron:             The tennis elbow. You don't need surgery. My elbow hurt me for years. Then she told me that, and I've been doing it ever since. And I have zero pain, even when I'm fishing. At the end of the season, and I'm fishing hard at the open, and three tournaments it straight and stuff. Cranking, a lot of times I just crank straight for a spinnerbait, I have no pain, zero. And it's because I did that stretch.