New Strike King Lures

Kevin VanDam shows you the new Strike King fishing lures coming out in 2012!

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Hey! Kevin VanDam here and we're at the Strike King booth and we've got some great new products. A couple of them are baits that I designed and I wanted to show you those first hand, right here.

First off, we've got the KVD Sexy Frog. This is a brand new frog to me, that is designed exceptionally well. Frogs are known for being tough as far as your strike to land ratio. You're going to miss some fish on them. What we did with our frog is really designed it around the body of that hook so that the hook is not going to go in to the side of the bait and cause you to miss fish.

Another key element is you want a frog to walk. You want it to walk back and forth and we bolted these little legs on there, not because we feel like a bass needs to see these legs, but with this tapered nose and those legs on there, it makes the frog exceptionally easy to walk. You put this out there on some braided line and you barely tap the rod tip and it goes all the way, side to side.

Another big problem with frogs is that they'll get water in them and start to sink. The don't keep that action. If you frog is weighted down with water, it's not going to stay up on top and get that good walking action. We've got a really nice tapered nose, a streamlined body with this built to walk and it's sealed so water can't get in the front.  If you get a little water around the hook, we've got a little exit hole here in the back so the water is going to actually go back out of it.

We've got them in 10 colors, basically all of the top-notch frog colors. And it comes with a premium hook in it.  That very best hook that's out there.

Another bait that we've got, that's been really good for me, is the new KVD 1.0. This past year, I won the Bassmasters Classic on the new Strike King KVD 1.5.  We also have the 2.5 and now we've got the little baby brother, the 1.0. It's a little smaller profile bait for those tough bites and those conditions where you need a smaller bait, when the bass are on smaller bait fish.

The key thing about all these baits in our Square Bill line, is that they have that erratic action. So when you cast them out they just go back and forth, they search and kick around and that's what triggers bass to bite. The new 1.0 is just a smaller version and it comes in all the normal colors that we have.

We added a handful of colors to the Square Bill line. We've got Chrome Sexy Shad, we've got Gold Sexy Shad, we also have Red Crawfish, Citrus Shad and Clear Sexy Shad. So we've added more colors to it and there's three baits in the series now.  So any time you need a Square Bill we've got the perfect bait for it.

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