TUF-Line XP and SuperCast

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Learn about TUF-Line's XP and SuperCast lines, including a unique tip, from Elite Pro James Niggemeyer!

Hey, this is James Niggemeyer, I am here at the Bassmaster Classic 2013. Guys are still out on the water we're getting close to crunch time. These guys are trying to catch their fish and upgrade these last few minutes of the day.

But, I am here at the expo with TUF-Line, I wanted to talk to you about a couple of the different products that they have.

The TUF-Line XP is kind of their bread and butter. This is the braided line that they've had on the market for a long time and most people are associated with and are familiar with this particular braid. I like it for a lot of the flipping and pitching and frogging all that kind of stuff in super heavy cover. It's extremely strong, extremely heavy abrasion, minimal stretch for setting the hook on that heavy cover in frogs and stuff like that; that's what you really want, that's what I us.

Lately, they've just launched this new SuperCast stuff. This is really incredible stuff because, basically, you have a kind of a mono core it's encapsulated by braid and it's also been melted and extruded. So, it's very well manageable and super smooth. I am using it a lot on my spinning gear for finesse type stuff. Of course, they have it all the way up to 30 pound test so, you can use it for whatever you like.

But, I've been using it on spinning rods, all my fast type applications where you guys wouldn't throw finesse baits into like a heavy cover I could pull those fish out of there with this new SuperCast. It's very strong and handles extremely well on the spinning rod as well.

So, next time you're looking for a good braided line and you want to put something that's going to really last and actually pull those fish out of heavy cover try the SuperCast finesse baits. It's thinking outside of the box, it works for me and I am sure it will work for you.