New U.S. Reel Baitcasting Reels

ICAST 2011
Check out this unique baitcasting reel from U.S. Reel, coming out in 2012!

Hi. My name is O.T. Fears. I'm a member of the U.S. Reel pro staff. Professional fisherman. I want to talk to you today about the new U.S. Reels. This reels are very unique in that we have eliminated the line guide, the worm gear, and the pole of the front of the reel, which is a constriction point or a friction point.

We have replaced that with an able bar. That able bar is a counter level bar that rotates in such a fashion that it distributes the line just like a line guide would but we don't have the friction point.

When you cast, it's much freer casting. You have approximately 30% further cast distance with this reel than you would with a standard bait cast reel with a line guide. The line goes under that bar and over the spool, so when you tie it on the spool and you start to retrieve or put line on the reel, the bar is going to turn and distribute that line across the reel spool evenly just like a level line would, without the friction point.

This reel is the Liberty. This is our newest edition. This is an all assembled in the U.S.A. reel. It's a seven ball bearing reel. It's going to retail for around $99, so it will be within the budget of most everyone that fishes.

It's very, very smooth. It's unbelievable how far this thing will cast. You can also set this thing where using the spool tension knob to adjust the reel and then fine tuning it with a magnetic control, you can adjust this reel so that a novice can actually use this reel without fear of having a severe backlash.

That is a very unique feature of these reels, because the line is being pulled off the reel by the lure when you cast almost in a one-to-one ratio, you have very little chance of line build up and it takes very light thumb pressure to control these reels. Very unique in the industry.

Small example, I took my daughter fishing the other day and she had never thrown a baitcast reel. I set one of these up, gave it to here and in two hours, she never had a backlash.

That's a pretty good testament to being able to take one of these reels with a novice who has never thrown a bait cast reel and be able to set it up so that they can throw it with some confidence and not get a backlash.