Revo MGX Reel and Villain Rod

Check out the new Revo MGX reel and new Villain rod from Abu-Garcia.  New for 2012!

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Hey BassResource fans, Mike Iaconelli here, 2011 ICAST. I'm here at the Abu-Garcia booth today. I want to talk to you about some of the hot new products, rods and reels, from Abu-Garcia.

Let's start with the reel. I know you've heard a lot of buzz about the new Revo, the black Revo. I know you heard the buzz about it and now finally we're introducing it. It won best of show yesterday at ICAST; it's the Revo MGX. Absolutely in my mind, it's the lightest, strongest, most durable Abu ever built.

Let's take a look at some of the features of this thing. First of all, let's look at the gearing and the materials. They're using a lot of aluminium in this thing to lighten it up and it's super strong. Ten ball bearings in this thing, I mean, super number of ball bearings to make it smooth, to make your casting easier.

The gear ratio, you ready for this? And I'm not going to stutter, 7.9 to 1 gear ratio. Let me repeat 7.9 to 1 gear ratio. What that means is super quick line recovery. If you flip that jig in there, it bites it, it comes at you. You're going to be able to pick up that line. If you're burning spinner baits or burning vibration baits, 7.9 to 1 is really, really going to help you.

And then finally, let me get to this thing, which is the weight of the reel. This thing comes in at under a quarter of a pound. Can you imagine that? A reel that weighs less that a pound that's going to disappear in your hand, become an extension of your body.

If you add all this stuff up together, what it means is that you're going to be a more efficient angler on the water.

OK, let's get to this rod now. We talked a lot about the MGX, let's get to the new Abu rod called the Villain. And the Villain rod is a perfect match to the MGX, not only in color, not only does it look cool together, it's a light rod. This thing wears less than a pound. So now together, you've got a combo that weighs less than 2 pounds total. This is thing is 40 ton graphite.

What that means is it's a super strong, sensitive rod. They're using a lot of the same nanotechnology that they used in the other Abu rods. It's got the EVA foam grip, it's got the super strong lightweight guides. I mean to me, this is the ultimate combo. As a professional angler, I want to be on the water 12, 14 hours a day. I want to be able to make 2,000 casts in a day, and this light combo's going to help me do that.

Mike Iconelli here at 2011 ICAST to tell you to check out the new Abu stuff, the new MGX reel, the Villain rod, and you're going to become a better fisherman.

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