How To Store Tackle Like A Pro!

Tackle Organization and Bass Boat Organization
Join pro Wes Logan as he provides a detailed tour of his boat's setup. Discover how a pro organizes his gear, from rod storage to essential tackle compartments. Dive into the controlled chaos, pick up some organizational tricks, and get inspired for your next day on the water.

Hey, what's up, guys? Wes Logan, here with BassResource. Gonna give you a little rundown of how my boat's kinda laid out and how I store everything that I have with me on the water day to day. You know, us being pros, they have us going all over the country, different bodies of water. So, I move a lot of tackle in and out, but there's always a method to the madness a little bit. And my boat's probably not the most organized as guys on tour, but I kinda know where my stuff is and I know what I'm gonna be using that week, so I'll kinda keep it as handy as I can. And I'm just kinda gonna give you a breakdown of how I do it, and it may not be the right way, but it may give you an idea or two that you may be able to use in your boat.

So, basically, we're gonna start out with, I keep all my rods in my left-hand rod box. I know some guys like to split up their spinning rods, and they'll be having them on one side and their baitcasters on the other. These Skeeter rod compartments are really big. I mean, I'm probably able to hold, there's probably 20 to 25 in there now, and I can probably fit another 10 to 12 in there. But, basically, just gonna be all my rods. I use the rod socks. The skeeter has one big tube instead of a lot of single ones, so I'm able to store a lot more rods in there. Nothing really crazy else goes in here just, basically, rod and reels, and that's kinda just the gist of it.

But the middle compartment is where a lot of the main business stuff goes down. I'll have, my actual tackle box is down the middle where Skeeter has a lot of the space for that. I'll have some smaller boxes here on the side. Here's a G-Box from Gamakatsu it's got trebles in it, but they're real skinny, so I can sit them on the sides and I can see which ones, I'll have them labeled and stuff like that. I'll know which ones I need right there. I've got a few over here. I got some rain boots in here. I keep my rain suit up there in the front. It's kind of out of the way. It's just kind of the best place I like to put it. I don't really go up there. I don't reach up there a whole lot. So, I just figured that would be a really good place to put a rain suit. It's really easy access. Got my rain boots up there beside it.

I keep a few spare reels in the boat. A lot of times I'll either have them in here, just lay in there ready, or I'll have them in this little dry box, just kind of depends. But, all in all, that's where the tackle that I'm gonna be using 90% of the time during the day is in here. And depending on what I'm doing in the tournament, I'll have kind of set up right here where it's just really easy access right here close to me. And then just some backup stuff or stuff that I think I might need, but you never know. I'll keep it kind of more towards the front where I'm not having to reach up there to stuff that I may need multiple times a day. We don't get to use a net in the Elite Series, but Skeeter has a really good net holder right here that you can hook with this bungee cord. And it's really convenient, keeps it out of the way until you need it, you can put it back up, stuff like that.

So, moving over here to my right-hand rod box or driver's side. This is where I'm gonna be keeping a lot of my, you know, my storage bags. Like, one really special bag that I like to use, Sunline, makes a specialist model bag. You can keep a lot of stuff in here. Like, I've got line in here now. Just spare line I may need during the day. But just, it's really a good deal. You can throw, you know, cameras in there, GoPros in there, you know, gloves, hats, anything kind of extra like that. I have, like, I've just got stuff laying in here. Like, I've got my Garmin, you know, graph cover for when I get done at the end of the day, I can cover it back up. But again, like I said, over here is where I'm gonna have most of my ziploc-type stuff. Like here's some bags I got from Tackle Warehouse. It's got all my, you know, my flippin' plastics in it. I have some, you know, I'll have, you know, a little stuff you can get from Home Depot or Walmart that just, you know, holds a lot of stuff, but it's very convenient to, you know, the way I store stuff. It's always gonna be there, but I've got a lot of storage. It keeps stuff neat. I know where certain things are in there because I'll label them and, you know, have, you know, fluke style baits in this one or worm style baits in that one, and I'll write on top of it and I'll kind of put them back in the same place when I get done with them. So, I know, I can open it up, reach in there, know what I'm looking for and all that good stuff.

A few spare boxes in there if, like, these are just last-minute stuff that I threw in here this morning that I thought about. You know, I grabbed out a truck, threw them in here. That's kind of where all of that stuff goes with mine. But still plenty of room. I know, kind of it does, it kind of looks messy, but I know where everything's at. Like, I know I'm not gonna go in there a whole lot, but I know what's in there. If I need something in particular, I'm like, "Well, I know what's in here. I know kind of exactly where it's at."

All right, here's the dry box and the Skeeter. And you're gonna have a lot of stuff in here. Like, I've got some phone chargers. I've got my fishing license for here. I've got my AFTCO gloves that I'll wear during the day of fishing. I have my boat registration in here and a zip lock. Spare towels. I've got my Fishlife First Aid that, basically, what it needs, it's my live well treatments in here. So, anytime I catch a fish if it's bleeding or I wanna put some stuff and alive them most of that stuff's gonna be in here. Almost like a junk drawer at your house, pretty much. Anything that you might need, you might not need, I throw it in here. Or stuff that needs to just be in the boat but not be in the way. That's what, normally, goes in my dry box. Skeeter's got a pretty cool trash can. You know, that's kind of self-explanatory. It can be doubled as another compartment to store stuff, but I kind of try and use it for what it's made for, all my line. Do not throw your line in the water. Throw it in the trash can. It doesn't need to be out there. Put it in here.

Moving on back, basically, we've got back here at the console, no really kind of storage type deal there just, basically, self-explanatory. And then back here you'll have a box behind your driver's side, and then a box behind your passenger side. This is where I made a little deal. I kind of screwed it to the box right there that I can just unclip my cobalt when I'm back here dealing with my fish. I've got my life jacket stay back here, my spare props in here, my boat logic's balance beam is in there. Just, basically, stuff that I really won't use besides the life jacket, but you know after the day starts the life jacket will be out, and then it's just all, my scales will be in here because I'm just right here dealing with the fish. Balance beam, again cobalt, drop them in the water, you know, just real quick and easy, nothing crazy.

As far as the over there under the, you know, or not under behind the passenger side it's going to be more of, like, spare life jackets because the life jacket I like to use we have to have a normal life jacket, like, a vest type I keep them over there. I keep two of them in there one for me, one for my marshal. If I have any type of extra clothes I think I need to take I've got a small bag over there just in case I fall in or something like that or you know get real wet, just something I can change into real quick. The back battery compartment, it's really, I don't have any storage back there. It's pretty full. I've got, you know, I've got five batteries back there I've got four x2 AGMs and one x2 lithium that you know runs my graphs. That's kind of like self-explanatory back there Nothing really crazy. Skeeter's got a really good cooler. You know, you got your waters got your snacks and all that good stuff. But, yeah, I mean, that's kind of the basic gist of it. Again, it's probably not the most organized boat on tour, but it's kind of controlled chaos I know where everything's at. I move stuff in and out so much that I kind of don't I have all it all in different boxes So, I can just pull the box out of my truck take these boxes out, you know, replace them stuff like that. So, that's the way I do it. Maybe you learned a trick or two and hope this helps and we'll see you guys on the water.