Worm Fishing From The Bank

Bank Fishing for Bass
Catch bass the easy way! Pro Drew Cook explains how he fishes plastic worms from the bank for monster bass!

The Baits & Gear

Big Bite Baits Tour Swim Worm - https://bit.ly/3FCaWw5

Sunline Sniper - https://bit.ly/3hn3tHt 

Sunline Shooter -- https://bit.ly/3z2lpQK  

Dobyns Xtasy Casting Rods -- https://bit.ly/3BPjXSe

Dobyns Champion XP Split Grip Casting Rods -- https://bit.ly/3BTv50e

Shimano SLX Casting Reel -- https://bit.ly/3Rhlzda  

VMC Tungsten Bullet Weights -- https://bit.ly/3o2bF2W 

Gamakatsu G Finesse Hybrid Worm Hook - https://bit.ly/3tCcBNu 


Hey, guys, Bassmaster Elite Series Pro, Drew Cook, here with BassResource, and we're talking about bank fishing. Pond fishing, you know, what I would take if I was going and could only take one bait. It's gonna be a swimming worm, the Big Bite Tour Swim Worm. And the reason why is because of the versatility of it. You know, you can throw this thing out and let it sink all the way to the bottom. Fish it just like a regular worm, you can throw it out there and, you know, let it sink halfway and reel it in. But also, whenever you're fishing it like a regular worm and you get done and you're reeling it in, you're still fishing that bait. You know, it's swimming back in, you still have the opportunity to catch a fish.

But you can take this thing and, you know, when you're on the bank, you're going down the bank throwing, you know, at the bank, you can reel this thing fast and it's actually like a topwater. So, that's why I would go towards this.

You know, fishing... When you pull up or you walk up and there's a laydown, right? So, first cast, you know, over it, you're reeling it fast on the surface, you know, no bites, the next cast you're kind of slow winding it through it. And then, you actually throw it in there and then, you know, fish it like a worm, you know, hopping it through the limbs. Just the versatility of it is probably why it's a pond fisherman's best friend in my opinion.

You know, just taking this round, you can do everything with it. You can fish from the surface to however deep you wanna let it sink. You know, rigging it on say like a 3/16-ounce like I have here. This bait is great for coming through pads. Any type of grass really, that's kind of what it's, you know, designed around. But it's also really good to fish around wood. You know, like a regular worm or like a, you know, swimming it. So, that's where I would throw it a lot is especially if you had, you know, a mixture of that stuff, you know, some wood mixed in with some pads, or some hydrilla, or eelgrass or, you know, anything that you'll find in those ponds or bank fishing that makes it, you know, able to fish through that cover efficiently and be able to get some bites.

So, obviously, you know, if you're just getting into pond fishing, you know, use what you have. But what I would use as a jack of all trades, you know, pond fishing, throwing up my swimming worm and stuff is a Dobyns Champion HP 744, which is a 7'4" medium heavy. And I would have, you know, somewhere from that 16 to 20-pound line, you know, Sunline. I use a lot of 16 whenever I'm swimming a worm in open water. It's a 16-pound Sniper. If I get around a lot of cover, I'll use 20-pound shooter. A high-gear ratio reel. And that's about it.

So, if I had to pick one bait to go pond fishing with, it would be the Big Bite Tour Swim Worm, very natural color. Can't go wrong with a watermelon red or anything green pumpkin-based. They'll bite it all year long. It doesn't matter if the pond's clean or dirty with green pumpkin. So, that's what would be my go-to for pond fishing.