Glenn and Keri May

Glenn May

Glenn & Keri May are the owners of and have a combined 70+ years of bass fishing experience.  Their passion for fishing is the growth engine behind

The couple competed together - and against each other - across decades of tournaments. They are 4-time Couple of the Year champions and have dozens of top 10 team and individual finishes in tournaments across the country. Including a 328-team tournament where they placed 17th – on a lake they had never fished before, in a borrowed boat, with borrowed rods, reels, and tackle.

Keri May

Glenn and Keri were instrumental in forming Tackle the Storm Foundation, which helps children who have lost everything to a natural disaster get back into fishing.  It doesn't sound like much: a fishing pole and a bunch of fishing tackle. But it gives these children back just a little slice of everyday life amidst the chaos. Glenn and Keri proudly served as board members until the organization closed its doors fourteen years later.

Together, their mission in life is to help anglers of all skill levels catch more fish and enjoy the great outdoors. Their passion for the sport can be seen in the hundreds of videos on their popular YouTube channel.