Mike Iaconelli

Mike Iaconelli

Mike Iaconelli

2003 Bassmaster Classic Champion Mike Iaconelli was introduced to fishing at an early age by his family. Although trout, panfish and saltwater species were the main dish early, Mike soon discovered the thrill of outsmarting bass with artificial baits. Throughout grade school and high school Michael honed his skills teaching himself different baits and techniques each passing year. Every magazine, video, or TV show dealing with fishing was his to consume. Bass fishing started to become more than just fishing and he dreamed of being able to fish for a living.
   By the end of high school, an all ready very competitive athlete was exposed to a new side of bass fishing. After joining a local bass club, the competitive aspect of tournament fishing added a new spark. For the first time, Michael started to realize that a career in fishing might really be possible. Not wanting to put all of his eggs into one basket, he decided to pursue a college degree just in case his dream didn't pan out. Juggling between school work and a job as a disc jockey, Michael began fishing amateur level tournaments.
   In 1994, he reached a turning point in his life when he won the 1994 B.A.S.S. Top 100 as an amateur. With the first prize Ranger bass boat in hand, Michael would now be able to retire his trusty 12' jon boat and begin fishing at yet another level of tournament. Michael graduated summa cum laude from Rowan in 1996 with a degree in public relations/advertising. During the course of the next two years, Mike fished state and regional tournaments. He excelled at this level and went on to win such titles as: Northeast Points Champion for Red Man in 1997 and the prestigious NJ B.A.S.S. Federations Mr. Bass in 98.
   The next major break came in late 1997 when Michael switched jobs from being a DJ to working in retail. He began working for a major sporting goods store as the fishing department manager. For the first time, with support from his family and very understanding employer, Michael was able to get the time off needed to fish national professional tournaments. Logging three top five finishes in the B.A.S.S. Invitationals got him underway. Winning the B.A.S.S. Wrangler Nationals headed him to the Bassmaster Classic (the Superbowl of fishing) where he finished an impressive 6th. And qualifying to fish in the elite B.A.S.S. Top 150 circuit in 1999/2000 took him to the top.
   Everything Mike had been working for his whole life started to come together. The years of practice, the college education, and the retail experience all mixed together. A young, highly educated, promotions minded bass fisherman had been created. It all culminated when Mike won the Vermont B.A.S.S. Top 150 on Lake Champlain in September of 1999 and qualified for the 2000 Bassmasters Classic - and has qualified for the Classic every year since.
   In 2003, Michael became the World Champion by winning the Bassmaster Classic. Since then he has placed in the top 10 several times in the Classic and FLW Championships, placing 2nd in both in 2009. What's next for Ike? Only up.

Mike Iaconelli Biography

Home body of water: Tidal Delaware River
Favorite fishing technique: Pitch skipping jigs

Career Highlights
2011 2nd Place Toyota Texas Bass Classic
 2010 2nd Place Toyota Texas Bass Classic
 2009 2nd Place Bassmaster Classic
 2009 2nd Place FLW Forrest Wood Cup
 2008 Stren Series Northern Division Points Champion
 2008 Winner Stren Series Northern Division Event at Kerr Lake
 2006 Bass Angler of the Year
 2006 Winner BASS Southern Challenge
2005 Winner FLW Chevy Open
2003 Bassmaster Classic Champion
2002 Winner Georgia Tour
1999 Winner Vermont Top 150
1999 Wrangler Angler
1998 Winner BFL Champlain
1998 NJ B.A.S.S. Federation Mr. Bass
1997 Redman Points Champion
1994 Winner NC Top 100 Amatuer Division
Mike Iaconelli has been fishing his entire life, he enjoys developing knowledge on numerous lakes, reservoirs, and rivers throughout the country. Mike spends approximately 200 days a year on the water. He enjoys guiding part-time, writing fishing articles and designing lures. Mike also participates in numerous fishing shows and seminars throughout the year.

What Does Mike Like?

  • Music : (Hip Hop) Jay-Z and (Rock) Def Tones
  • Movie : Evil Dead 2
  • Television Program : Weather Channel
  • Dinner Food : Seafood (Lobster)
  • Snack Food : Little Debbie Honey Buns
  • Drink : HOOAH! Soldier Fuel
  • Non-Fishing Sport : Hockey
  • Fishing Technique : Ripping a Berkley Frenzy Crankbait Out of Grass
  • Sneakers : Classic Suede Pumas with Fat Laces
  • Jeans : Dolce and Gabbana
  • Collection : My vinyl record collection
  • Restaraunt : Waffle House
  • Book : Fishing on the Edge (Of Course!)
  • Nightclub/Bar : Finagin's Wake
  • Vehicle : Toyota Tundra Double Cab
  • Lake : Lake Champlain
  • Gadget : Apple Mini I Pod
  • Suit : Hugo Boss
  • Excercise : Crunches
  • Vacation Destination : Spain
  • Break Dancing Move : Nineteen Ninety
  • Sports Team : All the Philadelphia Teams
  • Color : Red
  • Play : Wicked
  • Sports Gear : Nike/Under Armor
  • Sporting Goods Store : Dick's Sporting Goods
  • Holiday : Christmas
  • Month/Time of Year : Spring
  • Comedian : Dave Chappelle
  • City : Philadelphia
  • Steak House : Smith and Wollensky

Education: Bachelor Degree in Advertising/ Public Relations, Rowan University, Glassboro, NJ 1996, graduated summa cum laude
Occupation: Professional angler and promoter
Career Winnings: Over 1 million dollars.
Personal: Height 5'11"; Weight 150 pounds, Marital Status: Married; Children: Drew, Riley, and Vegas.

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