How To Get Her To Go Fishing

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Here’s how to get her to go fishing with you. Invite your girlfriend, wife, sister, mother and female friends to fish. Most want to, but nobody will take them fishing. Here’s how to introduce a woman to fishing today!

Glenn: Hey folks, Glenn May here with, and welcome to another addition of Hank Parker's Fishing Tips. And Hank, this question here, it's...a lotta guys ask this question. It comes from Chris from Charleston, Indiana, and he wants to know, Hank how do I get my girlfriend interested in fishing? 
Hank: Chris, you gotta make it fun. You gotta make it fun, and it's gotta be about her and not about you, and that's the whole key. I took my grandsons on a striper fishing trip on Lake Murray, and we caught a hundred. I mean, we smoked 'em. And I have seven granddaughters and four grandsons.

So my granddaughter said, "Papa, you never take us. It's all about the boys. We're not important." I said, "No, girls, you're just as important. I didn't think you'd wanna do it." "Oh, we wanna do what the boys do." "Okay, let's go striper fishing."

So I get my Big Bay boat, we go down to Lake Murray, and we go striper fishing. Well, I'm having trouble marking the fish, when I finally do, rod! Rod! Rod! Front rod's going down!

"It's okay, Papa, we'll get it in a minute." They're talking. They're eating crackers and cookies. They can care less about that rod. Where the boys were just diving over each other to grab the rod the... We're getting all kinda bites and we're not catching anything.

Finally, I mark the greatest place. I said, "Girls, we're fixing to catch fish like you won't believe." They said, "But Papa, we wanna go swimming." I said, "But baby, I just marked the best school..." "But Papa, we wanna tie a rope to the back of the boat and we all wanna go swimming." "But hey, we could catch a lotta fish. You want me to put the rods down and then we..." "No, we wanna go swimming right now." I said, "Okay."

We didn't even fish. We put the rope out, they swam, they still talk about what a fabulous fishing trip it was that day, and I don't think we caught but four fish. But they didn't care. It was about them.

So let that be about your girlfriend and make it fun, and I guarantee you she'll wanna go back.
Glenn: That is fantastic advice. Hank, I really appreciate that. Chris, I hope that helps you out. Take your girlfriend out fishing and make it a fun day for her and I'm sure she'll wanna go again. For more tips and tricks like this, visit and check out all the tips, and tricks, and videos that are on there. There's lots and lots of information to keep you entertained, and your girlfriend interested as well, too. And if you wanna be notified of the next video that we post, just subscribe to our YouTube channel. Thanks for watching and have a great day.