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Ned rig bank fishing tips from ned rig guru Mike McClelland. Learn about a new way to fish the ned rig from the bank!

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Hey, everyone, Mike McClelland, Gamakatsu Pro coming to you with BassResource this morning to talk about, in my opinion, one of the craziest facts that's happened in the last 5, 8, 10 years and that would be Ned rigging, Ned-style fishing. And you know, a lot of people ask where did that term came from? It actually came from a guy that developed it right there where I live on Table Rock Lake, a guy named Ned. But you know, it's definitely trended the market to make sure, you know, everybody's involved in this deal. And Gamakatsu has two great products to allow you to do the Ned-style fishing that you want to do.

The Gamakatsu Finesse jig head EWG is a Ned-style jig head designed to be able to rig your Ned rigs weedless. So anytime you're fishing around any type of cover, you know, brush piles, laydowns, anything like that, you want to use this weedless version. But if you're fishing a lot of open water, just gravel and rock banks and around dock piers and things like that, then just Finesse jig head is a great way to go.

But the big thing about this little Finesse jig head that is really a key to this is, you know, a lot of times when you're throwing a Ned head, you're gonna catch multiple fish on the same bait. And the biggest problem with rigging or with fishing a bait for a long period of time is being able to keep that bait up on the hook shaft.

And the Ned head, the little Finesse jig head, has a spring lock system built into the head so when you rig this bait, you're gonna be able to make sure it's rigged and it's gonna stay where you want it.

So you just basically thread that bait on until you get it up to the spring portion. Then you come back through the bait with the tip of the hook and you essentially just thread that bait onto that spring system. You're just winding it around the hook right upon the spring system. And once you get that thing up where it needs to be, you've got a bait that you cannot pull off. I mean, it is there. I'm throwing a little Big Bite Ned-style, you know, a little 3.5-inch Ned Worm and this is a bait that is so effective to fish off the bank.

When you look at all of the various times that you want to go catch a lot of fish off the bank, a Ned-style bait is probably the biggest key to being able to get that done. It's gonna get you a lot of bites.

The biggest thing that I'm gonna suggest is, you know, try when you're picking places on the bank to fish that you try to fish somewhere that you've got some deep water coming up close to the bank. And when I say deep water, it's relative, you know. But you don't want to just fish a big long flat. You want to try to get in those areas where you've got a little bit depth differences. I mean, throw this bait around the backsides of boat docks, piers and things of that nature. I mean, this is a bait that you can throw on beds and about anywhere that you want to throw it.

The little Ned-style worm is a great way to go on the open jig head. But then when you get into fishing, you know, ponds and maybe places that have a little more cover, the weedless Ned rig is gonna be the way to go. This bait is designed, it's an EWG-style hook and it's designed to rig completely weedless. So basically, you take that little Big Bite B2 Baby B2 Worm, you thread it on about an eighth to a quarter of an inch, run it all the way up the hook shaft until you get to the EWG bend, and then you lay that worm, come back in the worm and then put the hook point back in the worm and you've got a completely weedless bait to throw.

There's a lot of other baits that typically work good. You know, in my opinion on this Ned-style bait, typically a little Curl Tail Worm, a little Baby B2, or you can throw little craw replications. A little Big Bite 3-inch Fighting Frog is a great bait to rig on a weedless jig head. Or also baits like the Big Bite Mini 3-inch Kamikaze Craw.

So the next time you're hitting a bank wanting to get a lot of bites taking your kids fishing, be sure and check out the Ned system, the Gamakatsu Finesse jig heads weedless, and the Gamakatsu jig heads.

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