Fix Line Twist In Spinning Reels While Bank Fishing: This Works!

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Here's how to fix line twist in spinning reels while you're bank fishing. I was really surprised to learn there are only a couple of videos on this, and NONE of them show this simple technique!



Hey folks. Glenn May here with and a few years ago, I made a video that showed how to remove line twist from spinning rods when you're out there on the water fishing. Now, since then, I've had a lot of guys ask me, "How do I remove line twists from my spinning rod if I'm fishing from the bank, or maybe I don't have access to a watercraft?" Well, that's what this video is about. It's actually really super simple and easy and quick. So let me run you through it real quick here.

First of all, cut off in some line from your rod and tie it onto something. In this case, it's a barbecue here in the park that I'm fishing. And I tied it on very loosely as you can see here. So I've got a loose loop. That's what you want.

Now, next thing what you do is you take a snap swivel, tie it on the end of the line. Just like this one right here. Just a little snap swivel. Doesn't matter what size. So don't get hung up on that one. I don't even know what size this is, but one with a good ball bearing on it. I like the ones that have Sampo swivels on it.

Then, you just hook it onto the line you've got right here.

Now, once you've done that, all you do is you flip the bail and spool off a bunch of line. Go about 30 or so yards, maybe 40 yards, spool off a bunch of line.

Okay. Now you've done that, all you do is you flip the bail, tighten up on that line, and point it right back to where you had it tied onto. In this case, it's a barbecue grill, but it could also be maybe a chain link fence or maybe your side mirror on your car, what have you. Point at it, tighten it down, and pull back on a bit and have a nice and tightened this, hold it for about 30 seconds. What's happening is that line twist is making that ball bearing on that snap swivel spin. It's getting all that twist out. So let's hold it for a little while, 30 seconds, maybe a minute.

Once it's done, all you do is you just walk back towards where you had it tied onto while you're turning the handle and keep it in nice and tight.

And that's it. Done. Now, you just take this little swivel off, tie your lure back on and get back to fishing. It's that simple. For more tips and tricks like this, visit