How To Fix Line Twist In Spinning Reels

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Frustrated with line twists on your spinning reels? Here's how to untangle the mess, and how to prevent line twists from happening in the future.

Hey, folks. Glenn May here with A common problem people have with spinning gear is the line gets all tangled up and twisted. There's a quick and easy way to untwist that line. I am going to show you that here right now, but keep in mind there's a way to prevent that from happening in the first place. I've got a video on that. There's a link right below down here. Just click on that after I show you this. You can forget about having to do this but once you get the line all tangled you're kind of stuck.

This is what you've got to do to untangle it. First of all, cut off all your line or cut off your lure so all you have is line. Stick it in the water. Stick your boat in gear. You've got to have your bail open. All you are going to do is let the line out. Let the water pull on the line and you are going to let about almost all the line out. You want to go all the way down till there's just a little bit of line left.

Then close the bail. Let it go for another 30-60 seconds. The water is going pull all the twist right out of it. Then you won't have any twist any more. You can reel back up and get right back to fishing. Now that fixes it.

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