How to Prevent Line Twist on Spinning Reels

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Tired of line twisting on your spinning outfit? Here's how to prevent line twists from happening on your spinning gear!

Hey folks, I'm Glenn May with and a common problem I hear about all the time is line twist on spinning reels. So today I want to give you some tips on how to prevent twisting your line up on your spinning reels.

Now the first thing you can do... there's actually three things. The first thing is how you spool the line onto the reel itself. There's plenty of videos out there that show you how to do it right. I'm not going to rehash it here. You can find them. I'm sure you've already seen it if you're looking at this video right now you've probably seen those. I'm going to show you two other ones.

One of them is when you're rigging your soft plastic baits on spinning gear, make sure that that hook is on straight. It acts as a keel and if it's off even by just a little bit it can cause that bait to turn and spin in the water.

What I would recommend you do is after you rig it just dump the bait in the water right next to you and pull it and take a look and see if it's actually spinning or turning. If it is, readjust as necessary until it runs straight. That causes a lot of problems right there so that's one thing you can do.

The other is when you're fighting a fish and if he's pulling drag don't reel against it. I know it's really easy to do and it's just instinct to reel against the fish like that but don't. Why?

Because that line, think about it, it's going straight and it's not moving at all. And all you're doing is just turning the reel against it like this. And you're spinning it. You're just twisting the line up. And on a reel like this, we'll say 7:1 gear ratio, one turn of the handle and you've put 7 twists in that line. And I guarantee if you're fighting a fish you're turning and turning and reeling and you're trying to get them to come back at you, you've put hundreds of twists in that line in an instant.

So a better way to fight against a fish, if he starts pulling drag, maybe you've got the drag too loose or he's just taking off on you and going to a place you don't want him to go, take your finger and put light pressure on the side of the spool and slow him down that way. You can press down harder or lighter or whatever you need to do to keep them from running but that way you're not putting in twists in your line and you can control that fish a little bit better.

I hope that works for you. For more tips and tricks like that, visit