Abu Garcia Revo 2013

See the new Abu Garcia Revo MGX Extreme and the Revo Rocket introduced at ICAST 2013



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Good morning, Bass Resource fans. Paul Davis, product manager for Abu Garcia here at ICAST 2013 in Vegas. Want to show you some of the new products that we have out this year.


First, we'll start with the Revo MGX EXTREME. This is the lightest low profile on the planet. It weighs 4.9 ounces. We also reduced the spool weight by 10 percent and added two hybrid ceramic spool bearings. What that does is increase castability. 


The other side of the story is we put the carbon fiber handle and it uses the same braking system, the IVCB-IV braking system, that we use in the MGX. You can cast those ultra lightweight lures all day long. It's just the perfect ultra lightweight reel. It's been really popular and we're coming out with a left-handed model as well in September.


Next up, we have the Revo Rocket. This is the fastest low profile on the planet, 9:1 gear ratio. That's 37 inches per turn. It's perfect for burning up spinnerbaits, buzz baits, but it's also great for pitching and flipping. You can pitch to your spot, if you don't get a hit, you retrieve. Whether you're a weekend angler or a tournament angler, what that means is more casting, more chances of catching fish.


Also, it uses our Infini brake system. That's a hybrid system where it uses both the centrifugal brake as well as a magnetic brake so you can really dial in your casts. To overcome that 9:1 gear ratio, we've got an extended carbon fiber handle. It just works. If you want the fastest reel on the planet, check out the Revo Rocket.

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