Understanding Fishing Reels: The Role of Ball Bearings

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Dive into the world of fishing reels with Glenn May as he answers viewer questions about high-quality reels and the importance of ball bearings. Learn how more ball bearings in a reel support the gears and spool, particularly during the stress of fighting a fish, and how they contribute to a smoother and more reliable fishing experience. Discover the relationship between the number of ball bearings and overall reel quality, including durability and component quality. Get valuable insights to make informed choices about your fishing gear and enhance your angling skills.

Keri: Whoa.

Glenn: Whoa.

Keri: He missed.

Glenn: There he goes. Now he got it.

Keri: He came back all the way out of the water.

Glenn: He came back. He came back and hit it twice.

Keri: He came all the way out of the water for that. That was awesome.

Glenn: He missed it, turned around, and hit it again.

Keri: Hit it again. Nice looking. Buzz bait fish all day long. Face full of buzz bait. Come here, baby. Oh boy, let me see if I can get you up. I don't know how I got you hooked. I'm trying. Oh, kiddo. Nice, little guy. He came all the way out of the water. Holy smoke. That just shocked me. Okay, go guy. Go have fun. Evidently I got the fin.

Glenn: Hey folks, Glenn May here with BassResource.com. And today, we're gonna answer some questions that were sent in from viewers like you directly to us. And hopefully, we'll get to your question that maybe it's you that sent in the question, we'll get to yours. If not, then maybe some questions that you've probably thought about and you'd like to have some answers to. So, hopefully, we'll help you out today and help you become a better angler. Starting with this one, Glenn, I noticed a lot of higher quality reels have more ball bearings. Why is that?

Well, that's a really good question. There's, you know, because of all the marketing with all the reels out there, I think a lot of anglers have attributed having more ball bearings means you can cast longer distances with your reel. And that simply isn't the case per se. I mean, that's not why the bearings are there. Maybe a tertiary benefit to some reels, but the real reasons why you want more ball bearings in your reel is because they support the gears and the spool in your reel during fighting, when you're fighting the fish, so under load. They support that and prevent it from twisting and twerking, which can bind up everything while you're fighting a fish. So, that's why you have the ball bearings.

Better reels or higher quality reels tend to have more ball bearings to smooth that out in your fight, it's a lot easier. It helps with casting, yes, but it's primarily for that. Plus, you'll also notice, it's kind of an earmark. You know, if a baitcaster has more ball bearings, it's usually a better quality reel, so the frame is usually better quality components and it's not gonna twist as much either. With those ball bearings, because of the support they give to the internal workings of that, it's gonna make the baitcaster last a lot longer, protecting your investment. So, there's a lot of good characteristics and reasons why you will wanna seek out a reel that has more ball bearings.