Finding Fishing Hotspots from the Bank

Bank Fishing for Bass
Uncover the secrets to successful bank fishing with expert tips from Glenn May. Learn what to look for when fishing from the shoreline: the importance of locating deeper cuts and variations in bottom contour near the shore, and the necessity of finding cover such as weeds, rocks, laydowns, or stumps. Understand how these elements attract bass and enhance your fishing experience.

Here's a great question for bank fishermen. "Glenn, what are the most important things you look for when you're fishing from the shoreline?" Well, there's really two main things that I look for when I'm fishing a shoreline. One, I want to find deeper cuts and deeper water near the shoreline. Those types of things. Like, for example, a creek channel and a little bend comes in close to the water or maybe there's a small little flat but right near it there's a drop. Those depth changes are the things that really attract bass. It doesn't have to be super deep, it just has to be a change in bottom contour to attract bass. So that's number one. And the other thing is cover. Bass need some kind of cover to relate to. It might be weeds, it might be rocks, it could be laydowns or maybe a log is on the water or stumps but you have a contour change that is combined with some sort of cover and those are the things I'm going to target when I'm shoreline fishing.

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