Big Baits for Big Bass: Myth or Must-Have?

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Debunking the big bait-big bass theory. Discover whether large baits are essential for catching big bass. Learn how bass choose their prey. Understand which baits attract large fish. Get insights into the right depth, speed, and presentation techniques for successful big bass fishing.

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Glenn May: Here's a great question.

"Are big baits mandatory to catch big fish?"

Well, yeah there is some truth to the big bait-big bass theory, but are they mandatory? No. A lot of bass, typically what they'll do is they do bite bigger baits because they offer more calories and protein relative to the amount of effort it's gonna take, or the calories they need to burn to actually catch it. Right? So they learned that the bigger the baits are, the more calories they have, and the slower moving the bait is, the less calories they need to expend to hunt down and capture that bait needed. So, there is some truth to having big baits.

However, I've caught plenty of large fish on small 3 and 1/2 inch tubes, finesse jigs, and drop shot baits that are, you know, little 3-inch drop shot baits and finesse worms. Plenty of 'em. Because if you present a lure at the right depth with the right speed and right presentation, a fish is gonna hit it.

So, typically a slower moving baits at the right depth, if a big bass is nearby, they realize they don't have to expend a lotta energy to eat it. They can just swim up and grab it. They will. So small baits can and will catch big bass.