Targeting Big Bass in Murky Small Ponds: Lure Selection & Techniques

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Seeking strategies to catch big bass in small, murky ponds? Join Glenn May for expert tips on effective lure selection and fishing techniques. Learn why large profile baits, like jigs with bulky trailers and slow-moving spinnerbaits, are key in such environments. Discover the importance of using dark colors for better visibility and contrast in muddy waters. Get insights on the preferences of big bass for slower presentations and baits that produce subtle vibrations, enhancing your chances of landing those elusive large bass.

Glenn: There we go, finally.

Keri: Buzz bait. You're gonna make me throw a buzz bait, aren't you? He is gonna make me throw a buzz bait.

Glenn: I am.

Keri: Hey, look at that, finally. Look at that.

Glenn: Look at that, 2:30 in the afternoon on a bright sunny day.

Keri: Yeah.

Glenn: You can't beat that. Don't ever let them fool you into thinking that, oh, you can only do it in the early morning hours or in the evening. Proof positive.

All right, here's a question I hear quite often. I fish a lake that's really small. It's a small pond. It has really murky muddy water and it has a lot of big fish in it. Do you have any tips for me to help me catch those big bass?

Well, yeah, what I would do in those conditions is fish large lures, big profile baits like large jigs with a trailer on it that's got a large trailer, say, for example, the Rage Tail Space Monkey, something like that, that gives a lot of bulk and vibration. And I would choose dark colors, like a June bug or a black, so it can stand out sort of the silhouette against the colors, against the water when, especially when there's a lot of sunlight out, it will actually have more contrast in the water and stand out more.

Plus, big bass especially like to go after slower moving baits. So a slow presentation with a large bait, maybe it's a swimbait or a large spinnerbait like a three quarter ounce spinnerbait, the slower you move it, the better chances you are of catching those large bass, it's got to put out a little bit of vibration. So a spinnerbait or a large profile jig with a trailer on it and a lot of appendages, those are the type of things I'd be fishing in those conditions.