Boat Launch Bass Fishing: Tapping into Unexpected Hotspots

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Explore the potential of fishing around boat launches. Discover how bass adapt to their surroundings and why boat launches, despite their activity, can be excellent fishing spots. Learn from our experience of catching bass in the wake of departing boats and understand how environmental adaptation by fish opens up new fishing opportunities. Don't overlook boat launches – they could be your next big catch hotspot.

Glenn: Oh, yeah. Get the camera outta the net.

Keri: Ya. You catch fish. I'll be happy to get that camera outta the net.

Glenn: All right. Got yourself a deal. Okay, get the camera outta the net.

Keri: Hey, look at that. Wow. Crankbaits it is. It's gotta be crankbaits, evidently.

Glenn: Come here. Oh boy. I know I don’t have you hooked very good.

Keri: No you don’t. I did get it out of there.

Glenn: Come here.

Keri: Nice job.

Glenn: All right. And the hook...he just fell right out.

Keri: Nice job.

Glenn: Square bill.

"Hey. Do fish spook easily around boat launches? I mean, are they good to fish or are they just not there because of all the boat activity?"

Yeah. Actually, they can be really good to fish. I've caught bass where a boat is leaving a boat launch and I've cast right behind him in his wake and I've caught fish that way. I think what happens is the bass, they just get accustomed to their environment and they get used to all that overhead traffic and it doesn't bother them as much anymore. It may at first, but you know, say for example, in the springtime when the activity picks up dramatically, but then they get used to it. And I think it's kind of like, if you live near a busy highway or road, or maybe near a railroad track in...or for me I used to live in right in the flight path of an airport, with the jets going by. The first few nights that you're there, it's hard to sleep because you're not accustomed to all that noise. But after a while, you don't even know it's there. Daytime and nighttime, you just get used to that drone in the background. And it really is meaningless. And so you learn to ignore it. And I think that's what happens with the bass around busy boat launches. So don't ignore them. Cast a line and catch a few fish if you can, because I think that, you know, you're missing out on a great opportunity.