An Easy Boat Maintenance Tip

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Here's a quick video that shows you an easy boat maintenance tip that will save you money and troubles down the road.

Hey folks, Glenn May here with, and do you know how many screws are in your boat? Do you know if any of them are loose or tight? You might be surprised.

Every year, once or twice a year, I go through my boat with a phillips-head screwdriver, and go through every square inch that I can, and tighten the screws.

I even open up the compartments, look in there, I get up underneath the consoles and look under there too. You'd be surprised how many screws are on your boat, and you might even be surprised how many have come loose or are even missing.

Because what happens is not only do they work themselves loose from the vibration on the water, but also, just travelling, trailoring up and down the road going to and from your favorite fishing hole. The vibration will, the screws will back out. That's what they do.

So some of them you'll find that they're repeat offenders, if you keep going back and doing this, you'll see a couple that continually get loose. Put a little Lock-Tite on them.

Another thing you want to check while your head's up underneath the console, and you're tightening things: look at how the gauges are attached to the console. Most of them have little nuts on them, and depending on how they were put in, those nuts may have backed out.

The last thing you want to do when you're in rough water is to see a gauge just fall right out of your dash. Okay? So make sure all those little nuts and bolts are on nice and tight, underneath. Get a flashlight. Climb up underneath there, make sure everything's all nice and tight.

I've also had friends of mine where the cowling has come off and rip loose or broke. And it's because the screws had come out or they were loose.

So just a little bit of time going around every square inch of your boat with a phillips-head screwdriver's going to save you a lot of time and money down the road.

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