Bass Boat Organization Tips

Tackle Organization and Bass Boat Organization
Here's how to keep your fishing boat organized, and improve tackle storage in order to maximize your fishing day!

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Hey folks, Glenn May here with, and today, I want to show you how we organize our boat for tournaments, and hopefully, it will help you and give you few ideas how to organize your equipment as well. First thing, I want to show you is rod lockers. Now and this rod locker we have right over here. When you look inside, it looks like there's a whole bunch of rods here and there is. I mean it looks like a mess.

Couple of things to point out. Number one is we have red sleeves and blue sleeves on our rods. That's a his and hers. My wife and I, fish together, we fish a lot of team tournaments, couple's tournaments. So all her rods are red and all of mine are blue. It makes it really easy to sort out. But also we know that almost all the rods that are on the top, those are the ones that we are going to pull of first thing in the morning and have on the deck, ready to go. So that clears out this locker really fast, making it easier to get to the ones that are remaining. Okay, that's the first step that we do. Also we have in here is some first aid kit. We have flare kit. You'll also notice that there is a paddle in here. In my state, it requires that you have a non-mechanical way or a non-electrical and non-motorized way of pro-pulsing your boat, as they call it. So that means you've got to have a paddle. That's why it's in here.

Anyway, if you look over here at this other rod locker, a couple of things we have in here that are different. One is this rod locker holds longer rods. So any rods that won't fit in this one, we have it in here. So that's first and foremost. Secondly, we have the other rods that we know that we're going to get to right on the very top. Those are the longer rods, we put those right on top, so they're easy to get to. The remaining rods in here, those are the ones that are we're not going to probably use for the tournament. They'll just stay in here. They're easy to get to if we need them. We can find it very easily, but for the most part, they'll probably be stay in this locker during the tournament. Again, makes it really easy to find. They're marked red, blue simple as that.

The center one, this is probably the one you guys all want to look at, my tackle. This one holds a lot of stuff. First off, it's got all the stuff that you are going to grab during the course of the day, right there, easy to use. My pliers, I've got, my knife. This is a knife sharpener, but I use it for a hook sharpener. You see my other videos about how to do that, how to use it. Of course, my nippers along with my control for the Power-Poles. I have those attached me. I just had it in there right now, and then, of course, my scale.

Other things you'll find in here -- here is all my plastic baits, anchoring baits, they're all sorted, they're all labelled. My crank baits are shallow, medium and deep diver boxes, I have that for those of it. I have box for jigs. I have another one for my weights and terminal tackle hooks, that sort of thing. I have one for tubes and another the one for spider jigs, etc, finesse kit, all labelled, all here ready to go. These are the ones I use the most, so they're really easy to get to. I have a spinnerbait box right here. All my spinnerbaits and buzzbaits right in there.

I also use these plastic baits, plastic bags here. These are the baits that, for the most part, for instance Rage Tail. Rage Tails, they come in their own clam box, so they retain their shapes. I don't like to take them all out and throw them to a Plano box, because then they can, over time, can lose their shapes. So I just keep them in there in their original packaging. I put them in a Ziploc bag like this and makes it really easy to see what it is I'm looking for and find them real fast. So I throw them in that. Other than that, I've got my culling kit and I got a scale, that sort of thing. Easy to get to during a tournament. This storage box, by the way, is a container that goes all the way to the front of the boat, way up there. So what I have beyond there is I have some extra raingear. I have throw cushions, some extra PFDs, if we want to bring anybody else on board, that kind of stuff. So that's what's all in here, keeps it all nice and organized.

All right, let's move a little further down the boat. All right, let's take a look and see what we've got inside the glove box. The good and bad thing about this glove box is it's really deep, holds a lot of stuff. The bad thing about it is that holds a lot of stuff, and the stuff can get jumbled around really easily, especially when you're going around on a lake, it's really bumpy out or just trailering, to and from the lake. All your stuff can get all mixed up here and make it hard to find things. So what we did is we went down, first of all, right up front here, we have all the stuff that we want to grab. My wife uses this the most, but any way we've got scents, we've got our Power-Pole controllers, that sort of stuff, extra baits laying around, the ones we are going to use really quick.

But we went down to the department store, and we got these, got these little trays. These trays work great to keep things sorted. We’ve got a his and hers. So my spare glasses in here. I got my Buffs. A little note, by the way, about glasses. I've got clear pair in here. What I've got is I use these when I go down the lake early in the morning. There are just pair of shop glasses. I just picked it up at Sears. That's all they are. They’re just clear. But I use them in the morning, because it's really, usually, our blast off is just barely light enough out to be safe light so if you wear pair of sunglasses, it’s a little dark out to see everything. So I've got these shop glasses. They work great early morning runs. Keeps your eyes protected. Keeps them from watering up while you are ripping down the lake.

Anyway, everything is all stored here in these little compartments. And on the sides of them, we've got things like our license, fishing licenses. We've got maps. We have the registration for the boat, that kind of stuff.

All right, let's take a look and see what we've got here in the back storage compartments. All right now, guys, this is my wife's tackle compartment. You all know most of the ladies are more organized than us guys. Welcome to Organization 101. This is my wife's stuff. She got it really made. What she does is, first of all, here is your culling kit, just right on top again, easily accessible. We have here a couple of the storage trays that she uses the most. Here's the hooks and weights, everything all nicely organized. Can you believe that? Look at how organized that is, a little way to do it. But anyway, she keeps it right up top, easily get to. And then her jigs, right here, again.

Notice this box. This box she has here is actually, I'm not going to take it out, let me show you this first. Again same concept that I had in the Glad Lock bag, she puts it here in a grocery bag, same sort of thing but all her Rage Tails. They're all here, easy to get to, spare set of rain gear. But this box, this tackle you see is all nicely organized, well-labelled. Heed note, got to do it that way, but she put it in this bag. This is the bag that you use it for bank fisherman. Put it all in one bag and what she does is when she is getting ready for tournaments, a lot of times, she just takes the whole bag out of the compartment, brings it to the living room, then she can sit there and organize and watch TV while she's at it. Nice, convenient way, or when you’re in the winter time, when you're reorganizing everything, restocking, the whole nine yards. You just pull out one big bag, you got it all in one shot. Great way to keep it organized.

We also have it here our "Please release me”, “Catch and release”, that sort of thing. All ready to go. So if we need to use them, it's easily accessible.

All right now, let's go take a look at the other compartment. All right now, in this one, this is where we have the boat stuff. All the things we need, just in case we have an emergency or something like that. First of all, we have our weigh-in bags, gotta have those easy to get to along with our bumpers. Got to have that. They're still wet from the tournament. And we then have, here's our ropes for the dock, we have bunch of those. But the rest of the stuff, we have a flare kit. We have an extra net here that we can use. It's a livewell net. I don't know how many of you have seen seen that before, but this works great for stubborn fish that are hard to get out of the livewell.

And then I have assorted stuff in here. I've got a toolkit, 128-piece toolkit. I've got a kit here that has a horn, an air horn in it, with some extra rags. I've got some oil, extra oil for the motor. I have just extra stuff in case we have an emergency. We're all ready to go. I even have a shovel here, for some reason, but I've got that ready too. Oh yeah, that's right, I put that in there because we fish a lot of places where you can actually get up on the sand bars, so I got a shovel so we can dig ourselves out.

Anyway, all my stuff, just in case something happens and goes wrong, it's all in here, plus the tournament bags and the ropes and that sort of thing to tie under the docks. Anyway that's how we got it all organized. I hope those tips helped for you. For more tips and tricks like this, visit