Shaw Grigsby's Boat Tour

Tackle Organization and Bass Boat Organization
Shaw Grigsby takes us on a tour of his boat and shows us exactly how he has it rigged and organized in this exclusive HD Video!

When you're fishing' the biggest thing you need is organization. In your boat you gotta have everything organized, you gotta know where it is so you can get to it quick, other wise you're wasting a lot of time digging'.

So let me show you how I organize my boat. I'll start at the back here, I keep my anchor, spare props, catch and release, and some odds and ends, you know filling' the oil, and some tie straps, and anchor rope. And all that sits in the very, very back of the boat, easy access. In my partner's compartment here, I keep tools. I keep a couple tackle boxes, but all underneath there is tools and rope. I know exactly where my tools are, if I have anything go down, grab my tools real quick, I know what I need.

In here's just personal stuff, so I keep a rain suit behind my, this is my own personal box here, I keep some food, rain suit, that's about it. Little cooler here, in this I keep things like gloves, I keep spare sunglasses, that's another little personal box, I can throw my cell phone in here, and that's keep everything nice and dry, I never worry about anything getting wet in that box.

Then we move to the important stuff, now we're talking' fishing'. You got your cooler for all your drinks, things like that to keep you hydrated. Here all my rods, and I know the sound is just lovely with these emergency vehicles going by, but they're gone. So anyway, keep my rods all organized, if you keep sleeves on your rods, you can get in and out. I can actually go down here and reach in the very bottom, and with little, got you, with little effort, go and get the very bottom rod. So if you keeps sleeves on them, you can get in and out and get to your rods real quickly.

Here is a complete tackle organization, I've got all kinds of stuff stuck in here, but what I do, is I've got hooks, weights, then underneath, you can see I keep my boat organized, but packed. Top water, goes to the next depth, and then the next depth, all the way down to deep crank baits, and soft plastic. So everything stays in order, and before I leave tomorrow, I will have all, or for the first day of the Classic, I'll have everything cull down right now it's in the boat of practice, so I got a lot of stuff in here.

So that's my organization. All my tackle boxes, here spare towing' motor, and spare rods, and then in the front box, I keep my life jackets, I keep spinnerbait box, and another tool box down here, that has a little bit of everything, so. This is a box of just Rage products, so everything's Rage, whether it's a, you know, the Rage Hog, The Rage Craws, this is a Rage box. I can get to it quick and easy, and put what I need on, get the right colors.

Then I have one of the Perfect Plastics of Kevin's, and then at the bottom, I keep spinnerbaits. And then, like right here, I keep some spare blades, some markers for colors; I mark all my braided line with the marker. So this is, gotta have the super glue to keep everything done, so everything is right there, real quick real easy, and that's the whole key to a successful day on the water.

Have your things organized, know where they are. So that when you get in a situation, you say, hey, I need a quarter ounce spinnerbait, right now; I know right where it is. I need a Red Eye Shad, I know right where it is. I need a drink, I know where that is. So, you got it all if your organized, you're gonna fish much more efficiently, you're gonna catch more fish, have more time to fish. That's really the key, is having more time to fish. And that makes your day better.