Dean Rojas Boat Tour

Tackle Organization and Bass Boat Organization
Dean Rojas takes us on a tour of his boat and shows us exactly how he has it rigged and organized in this exclusive Video!

Hey, Dean Rojas here at the Bassmasters Classic. I want to give you a quick boat tour of what I've got prepared for the Bassmasters Classic. So, first off, we're going to start with the most important thing, that is my fishing rods. I've got to start with that. As you can see, I've got about 18 to 20 rods in there. They're not rigged up right now. I just have line on them right now, but you can see, I try to take as many of my tools as possible. Those are my tools. That's how I do all my work obviously. It looks like a mess right now. It's gonna get all cleaned up and organized and so forth but that's where I keep my rods.

Up here is all my hard baits. These are all crankbaits, blade baits, anything that has anything to do with plastics that has rattles in it, it goes up in the front of here. So that is kind of where that's at right there. And then my second one, under my Big Bite lid are all my soft plastics. This is where I keep all my soft plastics. Very organized. Each compartment has baits that I need in all different colors and sorts and then I keep this in the box then I carry all my rest of the stuff back in the truck. So I downgraded to smaller boxes because it's a lot lighter, a lot more efficient with that.

And so, coming over here, this is my spare rod box here where I carry my life jackets, extra jackets. And down there, there is a spare trolling motor. You can see there is a shaft down there, spare trolling motor. Replacement treble hooks, skirts, little odds and ends, that sort of a deal where I keep all those things down there. And then my little day box here, kind of just a hodge podge of stuff that I will be throwing throughout the tournament. Stuff like oil and the sharpies and so forth. But, if I find a bait or baits, I just put them in there. It's easier to get in the day box and so forth.

So, I run Lowrance on all of my electronics. I have the new 3D installed right now with the HDS-12. It's been a phenomenal for me this week. It's been awesome.

So moving here in the back, this is my compartment that I use for all of my running gear. Running gear meaning when I am driving the boat. So I have my helmet here. This helmet was made for me by Skeeter Boats. It's actual painted of the actual Skeeter emblem. It was a Classic gift a few years ago and I keep that. That thing right there has saved my bacon a lot of times, especially when it is raining and snowing. So snacks and gloves, spare jackets go in there and then my last compartment back here, just more of a hodge podge of safety stuff, anchors, flags and extra baits that I need for the Classic. But other than that, the livewells. Have you seen the livewells?

But one more thing that I carry in the back back here and many of you are aware, is Buckshot. He is my lucky duck decoy I've had since 2001, and he goes with me on every single boat that I have. And so he has been to a lot of places. Everywhere I go, he is with me, so he's got a nice little place down here where he sits and that's it. That's my bass boat for the 2016 Bassmasters Classic.