Hobie Cat Pro Angler 14

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Learn about the big brother of fishing kayaks, the Hobie Cat Pro Angler 14!

Hey there, BassResource. If you remember, you saw us last time at ICAST 2012; where we had the Pro Angler 12 on display. This is one of our boats that's been rigged up for a tournament. The Hobie Fishing World, which was held in Austin, Texas this year. So I showed you some of the cool features last time, but now I want to show you this boat's big brother, the Pro Angler 14.

This boat's got an extra 100 pounds of capacity. It's 2 feet longer and 2 inches wider, so, 600 pounds of capacity. A great kayak for standing up. This is one of our cool accessories, the H Bar. And what it's designed for is to pull yourself out of the seat, lean up against it, and make some casts when you're standing up. But it also folds up away really nicely, so it's out of your way for when you don't want to use it.

A couple more cool features about the Pro Angler 14 are this nice, giant front hatch, which opens up so you can store all kinds of stuff in here. Once again, this boat's powered by our MirageDrive. So, peddle power, freeing up your hands, and that just pops right into this well. You have uh, 6 horizontal rod holders, 3 on either side of you. So you can slide rods in and out really easily.

Underneath the boat, we've integrated the Lowrance Ready System. You can't see it, but there's a cavity under the boat that this plate fits into, that just bolts your transducer in there. That's a pretty much plug and play deal. Nice little center hatch right here with tackle management, you can keep your lures handy right in those tackle boxes; as well as some under seat storage. You can keep a few more boxes underneath there.

The vantage seat, this thing's ultra-comfortable. It's the same one you saw in the Pro Angler 12, but it's fully adjustable. It's got the lumbar support in the back, so you can spend long hours out on the water in this thing. It's got a high position and a low position, so you pick your comfort on the water.

The sky's the limit on this thing, you can rig out all the mounting boards with extra rod holders, add a live well, add lights for visibility, night fishing. And that's pretty much it. The Pro Angler 14. A great fishing boat. For more information, check out hobiefishing.com