KVD Perfect Plastic Swim-N-Shiner 2013

Kevin VanDam shows you the new KVD Perfect Plastic Swim-N-Shiner introduced at ICAST 2013!



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Hey. Kevin VanDam, and we're here at the Strike King booth at ICAST, and I've got a brand new swim bait that I want to show you.


This is the KVD Perfect Plastic Swim-N-Shiner. It's a real unique little swim bait, in the fact that it's made out of that perfect plastic formulation. It's really soft. It's salty. It's got a very narrow taper all the way to it, and a very thin tail. So, this is a swim bait that has a much subtler action.


We have several other baits in our line. We have the Shad-A-Licious Hollow Bellys. We got the Swim'n Caffeine Shad, which is great in grass and things. But, when you're looking for a subtle swim bait, for umbrella rigs, or even fishing on a light jig head, this is the perfect combination. We have a 4-inch, and a 5-inch size.


It comes in ten different colors. It's got that unbelievable finesse type action. It's much subtler than most swim baits. Another great addition to the Strike King line.

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