How To Find And Catch Fish On Ledges

Learn how to find ledges and fish them effectively in this video!
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There’s sore on them. Hi Guys. This is Gene Jensen, with Today, I’m out here on Pickwith Lake and I’m fishing ledges. I’m going to go over the Ledge Fishing 101 basically, because that’s about where I am with ledge fishing: What a ledge is, how to attack it, what lures I used to fish a ledge, stuff like that. At the same time, hopefully, I can catch some more. I’ve caught quite a few of them off this ledge so far, but let’s see how it goes. I hope this video comes out. We’ll see.


On a topo map, let me show you what a ledge looks like. See all these little, they’re called contour lines? Each of them represents a depth: 4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14-15-16-17-18-19-20, all the way to 26 is out here. You’ve got 3 feet here, 26 feet here. See where all these contour lines are really close together, and there’s quite a few of them? It goes from 7-8-9 feet to 20 . . . to 16 feet right here, and then to 24 feet at the bottom. If I zoom out, you’ll see that this ledge runs all this full length, right here. What I’ve been doing, and in fact, let me do something right quick and I’ll show you. Menu-Menu-Chart-Routes-Exit-Exit. This is where I’ve been catching the fish, right on the tail-end of this ledge. It’s ain’t because I . . . I didn’t look at all up here; there were some guys fishing that ledge up on that side. I was up here fishing. I caught I few but not too many, and there were some guys between me and . . . I wanted to come and fish this entire ledge but there were some guys fishing up here, so I just hopscotched and came over here, caught a few, and then went back and started fishing this.


This is where I found all the fish, was up here. I was sitting in 16 feet of water. The lake’s up a little bit, and I was throwing up into 13 feet of water and I was throwing up into 9 feet of water, all the way up into here. This is where the fish were hanging. They were hanging right on the edge of that drop and right on the edge of this drop. That’s how you find a ledge.


Another way that you can find that ledge, is if you got a map and you got a fish finder. You don’t necessarily have to have a GPS on your fish finder. I’m going to show you how to do it. Come right alongside that ledge. I’m in 25 feet of water. I’m going to turn the boat and I’m going to head up that ledge. In my hand, I’m going to keep a marker buoy. My marker buoy’s up front; I’m not going to bother getting um. I’m going to keep a marker buoy. As soon as I hit that ledge and I start going up, 26, there we go, 25. As soon as I reach that depth, 24, I’m going to drop a marker buoy at 24 feet, and then I’m going to go all the way to the . . . then I’m going to go all the way to the other side, or a couple hundred yards down the way, and I’m going to do the same thing. I’m going to drop another marker buoy and that give me the line that the ledge is. That’s a simple way to do it, and you just fish between the buoys. When you’re doing fishing between the buoys, you go pick one up and move it down the rest of the way, and just keep hopscotching the rest of the day.


What I’m doing is I’ve got my boat in between 17 and 19 feet of water, and that’s where I’m trying to keep it. I’m casting up on top of this ledge. The ledge is between 10 and 12 feet of water, between 10-15 feet of water. On top of that ledge is some grass, some just short grass, because this is still just barely post-spawn. Grass hasn’t started growing really good yet. I’m sitting here, and I’m throwing up on this ledge and I’m just dragging it off. I’ve got fish on top and I’ve got fish halfway down. I’m trying to keep my boat position. That’s all I’m doing, is just dragging this Carolina rig. You can drag a jig, throw a crankbait up there and work it down; just about anything. I like the jig and Carolina rig to work ledges.


I’m just dragging it down because that’s how the fish want it. The fish are on the bottom because of all the current that’s going through this lake right now. Then once a get a bite, I take note of where my boat is, how deep the boat is, and where it is according . . . where it’s situated according to where the ledge is. I’ll stay and I’ll sit, and I’ll work that spot out real slowly. I’ve been sitting in this spot for about 2 hours. I’ve caught probably about 35 fish off of it, and I haven’t moved 100 yards off this part of the ledge. That’s what happens when you find a ledge. You can really, really put fish in the boat. I haven’t found anything big, but I’m enjoying fishing anyway.


We’ll do it one more time. Throw it up on top of the ledge and just slowly drag it off. It’s all about matching the mood of the fish. If they want to chase, throw crankbait, spinnerbait, Alabama rig; it’s just a matter of locating the fish on the ledge. Once you locate them, they’re all going to be pretty much in the same place or at the same depth. This ledge is about 1½ mile long. I bet if I went up and down it, I’d find 4 or 5, maybe 6 places that had fish on it.


A lot of times, if a bass will bite as soon it drops off of that ledge, or as soon as it comes from that shallow top and drops down may a 6-inch drop, it may be a 1-foot drop, it may be a 10 or 20-foot drop; it’s going to be the top of that ledge if they’re active. A lot of things . . . a lot of times people don’t . . . or neglect the bottom of the ledge. The bottom of the ledge, a lot of times the bass will be sitting on it too.


The lure I’m . . . the worm I’m using right now is a trick worm. It’s a green pumpkin; watermelon candy is what it is. Missed one. It’s watermelon candy, and I’ve got the tail dipped in JJ’s. The water’s got a little bit of color to it because of all this current. JJ’s Magic has actually made a difference this week, and it’s been . . . oh my goodness, it’s been proven again and again we me and who I’ve had my boat.


I’m in some rocks. Where are those fish? Right there. Every time I hit those rocks, I catch fish. Just found a patch of rocks that’s right along the edge of that grass, which is a key little spot. Not a big fish, but it’s definitely a fish. That feels like a big fish, but you never know with this current. Nope, not a good fish. It’s little. Ledge fishing is pretty fun; you can really get into them. You can catch 30-40 at a time when you get into them right.


Like I always say, visit for the answer to all your questions about bass fishing. Subscribe to my YouTube channel. Hit the Like button if you like this. Have a great day.

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