How To Make A Jig In 60 Seconds

Jig Fishing For Big Bass
Learn from jig making guru Mike Siebert on how to make a custom jig while on the water in just 60 seconds!

Hi.  I'm G-man from  Today, we're building a jig on the water to show you how quick it can be done to match a situation. 

So, today we are going to match a RageTail Falcon craw, which is right here, since I don't have a jig that color. 

Just pull out a little bit of material, going to thread the color onto the pliers I use, take the material, just a couple different colors of what's in that RageTail, thread it through, let that settle. 

Cut off the excess tabs, like that. 

Thread the head through the collar. 

Keep the skirt from being knotted up.  Thread the trailer on. 

And this is how I fish a jig, all the time.  Just like that. 

Just a minute or two and ready to fish.