How To Replace A Skirt On A Spinnerbait or Jig

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Here's how to replace a skirt on jigs, spinnerbaits, and buzzbaits.

Hey folks Glenn May here with and one of the questions I got recently was, "How do you replace skirts on jigs, on spinnerbaits, buzzbaits that sort of thing. Glenn show me how you do that." So I'm gonna show you how to do that.

Got a buzzbait with an old skirt, looking kinda mangy. I want to get a new one on it. So I'm using a lumaflex skirt. Now don't ask me where to get these, where to buy them, because I buy in bulk and by time I use them all up, whoever I bought them from is not making them anymore. I gotta find somebody else. So i don't have an answer for you. But Google search and you can find them.

I'm gonna replace it with a lumaflex skirt. So the way to do that, if you look here real closely you see is a little rubber collar. See that? Right there? So you just grab a hold of that, just come up you little bit. Just grab a hold of it and just peel it off the hook, just like that.

You notice, look at that. There's a little keeper right here right where the collar goes. Perfect! So I take the lumaflex skirt and what do, if you you notice one side's a little bit longer than the other. I do that on purpose becuase I want the front to go first. I want that to flare out a little bit more. So I move that collar down a little bit so it's in the middle. Do that to it so it kind of flared out.

I want that hook to go right in the middle of it. Right in the middle that collar, just like so. And I just push it all down. And see that little collar holder right there, that little lip? I'm just gonna push it right up over that. Just like so. Fingers are a little bit slippery. There now it's on. There ya go! We replaced the skirt.

You can do this on jigs, on spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, they're all the same no different.  Hope that helps. For more tips and tricks like that visit