Megastrike Megabug

ICAST 2013
Check out the new Megastrike Megabug coming out in a new size soon!

Hey, how you doing? I’m Bobby Urich; you know us from BassResource. The company name is Mega Strike. You know that we always have a good time, we always talk in BassResource and we have a lot of fun with the guys. One of the things that we really are serious about is our bass fishing. We’re bass fishermen, just like you. We are here are at ICAST, the largest show in the world for fishing tackle. Anything fishing, you can find in this building. We are MegaStrike. I want to show you some of our new products for this year. Come on over. It’s really hard to demonstrate because we’re not on a lake and we don’t really have access to a real big tank here, but we’ve got our small tank here. I want to show you some of our brand new products that we have taken a lot of time to develop.

Let me show you one of the new products that we have here. We have had our MegaBug; that’s a creature bait. That is 4 ½” long. We have had so many people buying this product and catching really big bass, and numbers of bass with that MegaBug. What it is it’s a creature-style bait that we put on this MegaStrike Shaky 2-head. What it does is it has a lot of action; it displaces a lot of water. The big bass love that bait.

Let me show you something really neat. We are up from the northeast. What happens is a lot of guys are starting to downsize their baits because the bass are getting so pounded with pressure from all the fishermen. What we did this year, we came out, I call it my Little Eddy; this is the new 3” MegaBug. This thing right here has so much action; this baby right here just catches fish. It took me about 1½ years to get this right. All the water displacement has to be right in order for it to get the right action that we want. What we did is we put it on a 3/16-ounce MegaStrike shaky head. This thing right here, you could use it in the weeds, you could use it for flipping, you could use it for dragging along the rocks. You can use it so many different ways, but watch the action on this bait. This little tiny bait can be flipped, it can be dragged along the rocks. That little bait right there can come through the weeds and it just displaces a lot of water. What it does is you’ll get a real good reaction strike with that.

We put it on the shaky head, so of course no matter how it rolls, it’ll always roll into that natural defensive posture of the crayfish. We have so many new colors coming out in this. We know that colors catch fishermen; we’re serious people here. Colors catch fishermen. We design colors that catch fish. Get the bait to catch the fish and the fishermen are going to buy it.

I’m Bobby Urich, at ICAST. Take care. I want you guys to give us a shot at You can find us always on BassResources, your Number 1 resource for bass fishing knowledge. Have a great day. Take care.