Bass Fishing in Muddy Water

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You can catch a lot of bass in muddy water by following these simple tips!

All right. Here's a question pertaining to muddy water. "Hey, Glenn, you got any suggestions on how to fish a lake that's muddy throughout the entire fishing season?"

Well, I fished a lot of lakes throughout the country and muddy water is no stranger to me. What's interesting is that the dirtier and the muddier the water, the less light penetration there is to the deeper areas. Bass tend to, if they can, they're sight feeders. That's the primary way how they fish. So, they will move up shallower because the light penetration doesn't go as deep. So, they'll tend to be shallower in muddy water than they will in clear water, but also bass that live in that environment year-round, they tend to hone their other senses. So, things such as the lateral lines to be able to sense the vibration of a lure, for example.

So, when I'm fishing muddy water, I tend to go for flashier and lures that have a lot more vibration to it. So, things like square bill crankbaits, spinnerbaits that have Colorado blades or Indiana blades on them. I tend to fish buzzbaits or even lipless crankbaits, things that have vibration and noise to help the bass hone in on it. Those are the type of things I fish in muddy water and tend to be pretty successful.

If I continue to fish on shallow areas and focus on any kind of cover that you can find in those shallow areas because the bass will relate to that. There'll be right up against the docks, up against stumps, up against pilings. If you can find any kind of rock or rock piles, any kind of structure that those fish can relate to, they're gonna be there. So, make multiple casts to it, even with different lures and you're gonna catch a lot more fish.

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