How To Fit Power-Poles In Your Garage

How do you park your boat in the garage with Power-Poles attached?  This video show you how!

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Hey folks. Glenn May here with A common question I hear about Power-Poles is, "How am I going to get in my garage when the Power-Poles are higher than the height of the garage door?"


Well, it's actually pretty straightforward. Fortunately, Power-Pole gives you a little remote control. All we do, is we just bring it down, just below the height of the engine. Then you can back in, and once you get past the garage door, you'll see that it's folded up all the way. When you get past that, then you just want to bring it back up again. And there you have it. It's really simple, really easy, and with this remote from Power-Pole, you can do it all by yourself and it only takes a couple of minutes. For more tips and tricks like this, visit

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