Shimano Poison Adrena Series

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Check out the new Poison Adrena series rods from Shimano, debuted at the 2014 Bassmaster Classic.

Hey, Robbie Gant here with Shimano American Corporation. I wanted to talk to you about a brand new series of rods that we've just introduced here called Poison Adrena.

This is a joint collaboration between Shimano and Jackal Brothers. We took the engineering, the design side, or the manufacturing side of Shimano and incorporated the coolness of Jackal, what those guys can do for building baits, and asked those guys to help us design a couple series of rods.

We have Poison Adrena. Again, it's a joint collaboration between Shimano and Jackal. Very cool technology, not just your typical graphite blank.

This is what we call spiral X construction. Spiral X construction utilizes carbon tape, both inside and outside of the blank so we can get away with very minimal amounts of material, super lightweight blank, and increased sensitivity and what we call torsional rigidity. Torsional is blank twist. So when you're burning the bank, or you're throwing a spinnerbait or what have you, and you're doing a roll cast, the tip on normal fishing rods actually twist up when you're loading and you're shooting the lure. That twist is going to decrease your casting performance, your casting accuracy. So the new spiral X construction keeps that blank super tight all the time for increased castability, increased accuracy.

A couple of other cool features with this is we have a brand new reel seat. This is made with CI4 construction. So you guys might know CI4 from such reels like Cronarc and Stratic, just really cool feature. So we have a CI4 reel seat on this. Nice EVA rear section here, and then the butt section, this is called carbon mono-cock, and basically what this is is just straight carbon all the way through. So what this does is it eliminates all the winding checks and butt caps and basically all that stuff, so increased sensitivity transfers all the way through the butt section of the rod. There's eight models within this series. There's six casting, and there's two spinning rods, and that's the new Poison Adrena by Shimano.