Paddle Tail Swimbaits for Spring Bass with Shin Fukae

Spring Bass Fishing
This paddle tail trick from top pro Shin Fukae will help you catch more bass this spring!

The Baits & Gear

Keitech Swing Impact 4.3 --

Gamakatsu Spring Lock Spinner Swimbait Hook --

Shimano Metanium HG Casting Reel -

Shimano Expride Casting Rods --

YGK G-Soul DFC Fluorocarbon Leader --


Hello, I'm Shin Fukae. Today I want to show you how to use springtime using right here, paddle tail swimbait. Basically, the springtime fishing going shallow, right? They had a big event, spawning, and pre-spawning, something like that. Actually, after spawn too. So, I am using these hooks a lot for the springtime just because they move to the shallow water, nearby deep water. Then also the some of lake had grass, and that grass going growing. We cannot use the regular jighead. So I'm decide to using this one right here. I show you how to rigging.

The Gamakatsu Weighted Hook has the Spring Lock on it. So make sure these two straight, your Spring Lock. Then twist it, twist it. Then, you have hooks right here, right? You gonna grab it. Then pulling the hooks through the one time, then pulling back. That mean you can fish around the cover, around the cattail, and fish in shallow water for the springtime. Then also it's got bread on it.

So, if you go to fish in the dirty water, clear water, whatever you want. I'm using the Keitech 4.3", sometimes 3.8". But it's depends on your rig's bait size is. So, I recommend to using the 4.3". This is easy to cast and easy to see from the fish.

So then also the springtime, people start using the A-Rig. But we cannot use it sometime. So I'm decide to imitate for the kind of A-Rig style. So that's why I want to using the blade-type of the hooks. So, if you want to catch more fish, fish in the springtime, the paddle tail bait, I mean a paddle tail swimbait, try this one. You can catch more fish. I promise.

I am using the Shimano Expride 7'2" Medium Heavy with YGK 16-pound fluorocarbon. Yeah, 16. Yeah, 14 to 16, 20. It's depends on where you fishing. Then also I'm also using the Shimano Metanium HG, which is a 7.1:1 gear ratio. Little high gear, I recommend. Because the springtime for the paddle tail fishing is I fish around the cover, around the spawning area. Then they have lots of cover, so I don't wanna catch more….it’s more smooth to catch them. So I'm using the little bit high gear ratio.

So, yeah, then... But that's a simple, simple rig right here. Then if you going to use the regular jighead, which is okay, but it sometime hang, so it wastes time. So I want to save time, catch more bigger fish at the springtime. So I'm using that. This is what I using last couple of year. Don't tell anybody.