Storm Arashi Crankbait

ICAST 2013
Brandon Palaniuk shows you the Arashi. The new crankbait from Storm!

Hey guys, Brandon Palaniuk, Bassmaster Elite Series pro, hanging out here. at ICAST 2013. I've got one of the hottest crankbaits on the market right now. This is the new STORM Arashi Square 3 and Square 5. It is a three footer and a five footer.

Now you can see, this isn't your normal STORM crankbait. We've got extremely high premium, high quality finishes on these deals, no hard lines. Everything is faded, extremely realistic looking colors.

One of the key features, circuit board lip. Circuit board is extremely durable, so you can bang this into rocks. You don't have to worry about it chipping or breaking off. But it's also thinner, so that allows this bait to start its action at a lot slower speeds, but at the same time stay on track at a much faster rate of speed.

The next key feature that we added to this bait is rotated hook hangers. Most hook hangers run parallel with the bait, but we rotated these 90 degrees, and you can see they run perpendicular with the bait. What that does is that allows you to put bigger hooks, a full hook size bigger on these crankbaits. So when those fish are slapping at the crankbaits, you get a lot better hookup ratio and you get to put more fish in the boat.

The biggest key feature on these crankbaits is this patented self-tuning line tie. You can see how it actually has a little bit of movements, free moving. What that allows this bait to do is that once it's in tune, it never goes out of tune. Normal crankbaits you have to actually tune. If it wants to run to the right, you have to grab a pair of pliers and bend it over. This does that all for you. So when you cast this out, you can literally burn this crankbait as fast as you can move your hands, and it'll never run off track. It always runs perfectly straight.

The other advantage of that is the recovery time. When this crankbait bounces off a piece of structure, say you're fishing a wingdam full of rocks, it hits that rock. Where most crankbaits would deflect and go all the way past the strike zone, this bait hits the rocks, goes straight back into the fish's face, and it gets you more bites.

So make sure you guys check out the new STORM Arashi Square 3 and the new STORM Arachi Square 5.