Swimbaits For Summer Bass Fishing

Summer Bass Fishing Videos
This paddle tail trick from top pro Shin Fukae will help you catch more bass this summer!

The Baits & Gear

Keitech Swing Impact 3.3 -- https://bit.ly/3A5oQVJ

Gamakatsu Spring Lock Spinner Swimbait Hook -- http://bit.ly/3Ld6r11

Shimano Metanium HG Casting Reel - https://bit.ly/3mjzUbt

Shimano Zodias Casting Rods - https://bit.ly/2Z4N44q

YGK G-Soul FC Tour Grade Fluorocarbon Line -- https://bit.ly/43y272L


At the summertime, I'm using that kind of paddle tail bait. Do you know why? It's they go in deep water, and chasing shad a lot. Also, they are make a schooling especially summertime. So, before fishing deep water, we gotta using the electronics, to found the school. That's most important. Then you gotta choose a little bit compact, small heavyweight swimbait I'm using.

I'm using the 3/8 jighead right here with Keitech single impact 3.3. It's a little bit smaller, but they are looking for the little bitty shad. They sometime eating big shad, but I recommend to the 3.3 because it's easy to eat for them.

So, that's why I'm using the little bitty swimbait with the tiny, tiny 3/8th jig head.

But basically, in the summertime the fish going, it's pretty close to the 20-foot range, so it's okay the quarter ounce, but it take a time... Also, I want to make a kind of reaction bite. So, the heavy-weight jig head make a reaction bite, and make a slow retrieve, and sometimes faster retrieve, and it depends on where the fish are. Then also I'm using the Shimano Zodias 7'2" medium heavy and 14-pound Fluorocarbon Line. But the line, it depends on where you fishing.

If you fishing close to the timber, I recommend the 16, yeah, 14, 16. Then if we don't have anything around your fish, I chose the 10, 12-pound fishing line for the baitcasting reel. Then I'm using the Shimano Metanium HG, which is a little high gear ratio. Why I choose the high gear ratio is, soon as they biting, I want to take off the blind-slug out, then set to hub. So, I recommend to the high gear ratio to catch more fish the summertime paddle tail swimbait right here.