Tommy Biffle

Original Bass Pro Interviews
Discover Tommy Biffle's big fish tactics, and learn what he likes to do when he's not on the water in this insightful interview!

Glenn:  Hi. I'm Glenn May with and I'm here today with Tommy Biffle. Tommy, it's great to see you today.

Tommy Biffle :  You too, Glenn.

Glenn:  Now, how long have you been fishing?

Tommy:  I've been fishing basically all my life. I've been fishing a long time. I've been fishing BASS I think this is my 25th year so I have been fishing quite a while.

Glenn:  You started off when you were a little boy.

Tommy:  Yeah. I started off probably when I was five or six years old and fished all the time. Fished around the lakes and ponds, rivers, where ever I could. I have been fishing a long time.

Glenn:  In all those years of fishing what would you say is your most memorable bass?

Tommy:  Probably when I was real young and caught a big one. I think it was a farm pond. You just have a lot of good memories from way back.

Glenn:  What would be your biggest bass?

Tommy:  The biggest bass was 12.4. It was when I was 17.

Glenn:  Wow. Holy cow. That's a hog. What would you say was your most unusual big bass tactic?

Tommy:  Most unusual big bass tactic is probably throwing it over the top of the trees way back in the stuff and wondering how you are going to him out.

Glenn:  Has that ever happened to you?

Tommy:  Oh yeah.

Glenn:  Any good stories you could relate to us about that?

Tommy:  You got to get him on before you get worried about getting him out. So that's the theory that I run on. I don't really care where I throw it but when you are throwing the fish and you want to try and put it in there in places that when you get a bite you are going to be able to get him out. But when you're just fooling around it's sometimes fun to throw it over the bushes just to see if you can drag him over the top of it.

Glenn:  Heck of a lot of fun. For the weekend angler, the guy who is fishing the bass clubs and the local tournaments, that sort of thing. What do you find to be the most common mistake that they make?

Tommy:  Probably listening to dock talk. That's what we call it. Listening to the buddies, how they are catching them or what they are catching them on and stuff. Because you know they are always lying. You know we don't ever tell the truth very often and you dang sure don't do it right before a tournament. Probably the biggest mistake is listening to other people and not doing what you know.

Glenn:  So basically not sticking with your gut instincts.

Tommy:  Yeah. You need to stick with your gut instincts and do what you need to do. Or what you know to do. Instead of what you hear.

Glenn:  Outside of fishing what other things do you like to do?

Tommy:  I'm an avid hunter. I've shot competition archery ever since I was about 15, 16 years old. Maybe younger than that. I'm a big archer. I shoot a lot of bow tournaments and just enjoy shooting a bow. I just walk out of my building at home and shoot in the winter time.

I'm a big hunter. I've killed a lot of different animals. Africa. I've been to New Zealand. I probably have 25 white tails mounted. Always said I wanted to have a house full of animals. And I'm about there.

Glenn:  What would be your dream vacation? No expenses. Don't even think about what expense would be. Just a perfect vacation for you? 

Tommy:  Right now my dream hunt is Kodiak Bear hunt with my bow. I said before I was 50 I was going to kill a cougar. I killed a leopard. I really would like to kill a Kodiak with my bow while I can still have a chance to out run him. 

Glenn:  I was just going to say that.

Tommy:  That would be my dream hunt.

Glenn:  That would be awesome. What is one thing about you that the fans out there might not know about that you could share with us?

Tommy:  One thing is they all think I like to flip and fish shallow and that's what I like to do but I also like to fish deep and a lot of people don't know that. On my home lakes, two or three lakes around close to the house there Tennkiller, Fort Gibson, Eufaula, I've got a lot of deep fish. I fish deep a lot. That's some things that people might not think of it.

Glenn:  Okay.

Tommy:  I do like to fish deep.

Glenn:  Sounds awesome man. Thank you so much for spending time with us today. I do appreciate it. And we are looking forward to seeing you out there on the water. 

Tommy:  All righty. Thank you.