Wild River Tackle Bags 2013

ICAST 2013
Edwin Evers shows you the new Wild River Tackle Bags introduced at the 2013 ICAST show!

Hey guys. Edwin Evers here, at the 2013 ICAST, in Vegas. We got some really neat stuff to show you. You guys may be familiar with the Nomad, it’s the Wild River Bag by CLC. Wild River may be new to you, but CLC has been in business building tool bags for over 30 years. Now they’re out there, they’re fishing enthusiasts, these guys that build the tools bags, and now they building us some really cool fishing bags.

This one right here is a backpack, it’s our Number 1 seller, it’s something that it’s just phenomenal. It has a lot of great features to it; has a lot light, pliers, removable pliers holders, a lanyard. The light right here has 3 different settings; you can turn the light on. You got a work surface right here. You guys are always familiar with this, you’re wanting to see the new stuff that you’ve got out at ICAST, and it’s its big brother, The Nomad XP. What you’ll notice right of the bat, it’s really cools colors, you got some really cool colors features on it. This right here, this is a solar charger for your iPhone, or your cell phone. It’s got a battery pack right here there’ll make your iPhone or your cell phone last all day long. Were always out there fishing in a area where maybe cell phone reception is marginal, it’s really drawing hard on those batteries, so they’ve incorporated a solar panel to keep your cell phone charged. Your wife’s always is going to get a hold of you. You always going to have good battery power on your cell phone to be able to take those photos to those big fish.

Again, it’s got the patented . . . not patented, but the same of all Wild River bags; we’ve got removable pliers holder, removable lanyard that come standard on all our bags. You can clip it right here, it’s always going to be on your bag when you pick it up, ready to go to the lake. Our bag has a rain fly that can keep all the dust, all the rain out of it, if you got it in the back of your truck. The light, 3 different settings: A low, a high and then green setting. The light shines right here on this surface. I like to us it right here. I’ll tie my lures on, or untie one and I’ll keep the baits that I don’t want to put up right there in on that box. I can close this, and now that light’s shining in this top compartment. I’ve got a come up here and it’s a low-light situation, I can get right in to that compartment and give my lures out. I got this light shining, right there in that compartment to see what you got to get.

You also noticed that this is a removable divider in this Nomad XP, so this can be one big compartment. Right now, I’ve got a split up; I’ve got a compartment at the top, and then I’ve got a compartment right here, at the bottom. I’ve got 4 Wild River 3,600 right here, to keep all your tackle.

You’ll notice with all our Wild River stuff, we’ve got this Blaze Orange; we do that just to help the visibility. So many times were out there fishing in a low-light situation; it is just help up see what’s in our bags. Also you’ll notice with all the Wild River bags, this really handy lanyard. You can keep your finger in there, they’re easy to get a hold of to close and open. The new Nomad XP comes with plastic zippers that makes it saltwater friendly, you don’t have to be worry about any of that stuff corroding if you fishing around saltwater. You turn the bag to the side, we still got more storage compartments, dividers in there; you can keep anything you can imagine we can keep in this bag.

On the back, we’ve got really got great shoulders straps, really wide, really helps disperse that weight on your shoulders. The back of it’s padded. If you’re hiking in a long ways, all padded. It’s got a big, heavy-duty handle right there. You can hang on the wall in your garage when you get home. Molded sunglass holders, there on the top. There’s just nothing that these guys have not thought about in the 30 years they’ve been building tool bags. They’ve brought all that technology right here into Wild River to build us a great, great tackle bag.

Go to WildRiver.com; I just challenge you guys check it out. You’ll not find a better one anywhere.