Z-Man Baits 2013

ICAST 2013
Here's a look at the new baits coming soon from Z-Man!

Hi. I’m Glen Young, with Z-Man Fishing Products. I’m here to talk about some of our new introductions this year at ICAST. One of the things we’re introducing this year is the QuadZilla; it’s a 4-arm, collapsible spinnerbait. It comes in a package like this. The instructions are on the back. It’s going to have a retail price of $10.99.

What’s very unique about this is that it has a counterweight here, and when you’re done fishing with it, simply slide the head down, like that. It folds up, and you can put it back in your box without it taking up a lot of room. When you’re ready to fish it again, slide the head back forward and it’s all ready to go. It’s a great little bait, and it’s a lot easier to throw than a traditional umbrella rig and some of the other big rigs that are out there. It’s no different than just throwing a regular spinnerbait, so you don’t have to have a heavier rod to throw this. A regular spinnerbait rod will cast this just fine. 3/8-ounce; we’ve got 6 different colors in it. It’s a great, great new bait.

The other thing that we introduced this year was a new scented bait with the leaches. These leaches have a lot of detail on them, and they’re very, very soft, very, very durable as well, because it’s made out of Elastech, which of course, is a non-toxic material; no PVCs, no Phthalates, and doesn’t rip, or tear, like a regular Plastisol bait. What’s nice about these is the buoyancy, also.

When you put one of these on a drop shot rig, it’ll actually float the hook up instead of sinking like a regular plastisol bait would. Also because of the softness, you’re going to have a lot more action in this bait then what you get out of a regular plastisol leach. It’s scented, using all natural Pro-Cure gels, because the nature of Elastech allows it to absorb anything that’s oil-based. When we tumble these baits in the Pro-Cure Leach Gel, it actually absorbs all of the scent, all of the oils, so you get a naturally-scented bait, that lasts a lot longer.

The other introduction we have, we introduced a new swim bait this year called the Diesel Minnows. The Diesel Minnow is a 4” minnow bait. It’s got a belly slot that runs all the way through here. It’s got a split fin in the back, so when you rig it up, you can rig the hook point in here, and keep it weedless and protected. Again, very soft, lots of action on this bait because it’s made out of Elastech. What’s nice about this, too, is because of the buoyancy, when you rig this on a weighted EWG, it’s always going to stay keeled in the water and it’s not going to roll over or fall over. Because of the softness of the tail, you’re going to get a lot of action with very little effort on your part. We’re doing this in 12 different colors. We’ve got some beautiful new colors in these, too, this year.

The other similar bait we brought this year was the pogies. The pogie is a nice little, shad-shape body. It’s a pogie-style bait. It’s got the little paddle tail on the back, here. It’s got a cut back here, so it imparts a lot of action on this bait without falling apart, which is very key. It’s got a belly slot in here so you can rig it up and keep it weedless. There’s a little hook pocket right here in the back, so you can put the hook point all the way through and keep it weedless if you want to, or you can rig it on a jig head, as well. This is another one of our scented baits, again, scented with an all-natural bait fish oils. When it’s fully absorbed like that, you get a scented bait, that’s going to leave a scent trail and stay scented a lot longer.

The other introduction we have this year is called the Turbo Craws. The Turbo Craw is a great new swim jig trailer. These claws, the way they’re cut and with the texture on them, they have a lot of action in the water; far better than any twin-tail grub I’ve ever seen. The claws make a lot of vibration, a lot of racket behind any swim jig or a chatterbait. It’s a great little trailer. Nice, thick, compact body, so that if there’s actually some increased profiling to swim jig. These claws are super-soft but move really well, and again, aren’t going to come apart like a regular plastisol crawdad would. This is a really, really nice bait. Very, very versatile trailer right there, that can be fished a lot of different ways.

With that, that’s pretty much it. You can see all of these baits at ZManFishing.com, or you can also go to Tackle Warehouse. There’s a bunch of different places that you can do this so you can see all of these baits. I highly encourage you to look them up. They’re fantastic new baits, plus we added a lot of new colors to the existing lineup this year, too. With that being said, thanks for joining me. Have a great day.