Discover effective crankbait tips, tricks, and tactics.  Anyone can catch a bunch of bass with these techniques!

Feel the Burn for Smallmouths

Warming temperatures and consistent weather patterns put smallies on full attack mode. Here's a great way to search and destroy!

The Crawdad Connection

If you’re headed to any of the country’s top smallmouth waters better go prepared with a good assortment of crawdad imitating lures. Here's what you need to know.

Choosing Lure Color

How do YOU choose color? Do you use what a buddy told you was working? Here's a better way.

Wake 'em Up with Lipless Crankbaits

They’ve caught a ton of fish over the years, and they still catch a ton of fish today, but to catch giant bass on them, you need to do this.

Iaconelli's Crankbait Tips

Classic Champion Mike Iaconelli tells you his tricks for top crankbait action! A Exclusive!

KVD Isn’t Always Reel Fast

VanDam offers simple crankbait advice for all anglers about the correct speed of retrieve.

Any Time is Crankbait Time

Having a hard time selecting a crankbait amongst a sea of choices? Which one should you use and when?

The Right Crankbait

The crankbait is one of the most important tools in bass fishing, but they’re a lot like screwdrivers – you need the right style to get the job done.

Find 'Em and Catch 'Em On Crankbaits

With the right equipment and a good retrieve, you can use crankbaits to find bass AND catch them. Here's how!

Crankbait Fishing

If you have tried to use a crankbait for catching bass and had little or no success, read on.

Crankbaits – Keeping It Simple

Keeping it simple when it comes to crankbaits is easier than you think! Here's how.

Crankbaits For All Depths

Overwhelmed by the different crankbaits and how to use them? We make it easy for you inside.

Deep Water Cranking

Classic Champion Mike Iaconelli tells you how to effectively search deep water and elicit a reaction bite at the same time.

Working Deep Cranks

Deep cranks are just as versatile as more commonly used shallow-water baits. We reveal how to use them!

Crashing Crankbaits

The next time you hit the water and the old standby's aren't paying off, try "Crashing Crankbaits". You might be surprised.

Gnarly Crankbaiting

Keep the plastics in your pocket, it's time to start cranking with this unusual technique. We reveal what it is inside.

Trapping A Bass

There's a good reason everyone you talk to has a few in their box, the Rat-L-Trap simply catches fish.

Lipless Crankin’ Tips From A Classic Champ

Learn how to use lipless crankbaits in early spring from Classic champion Alton Jones!

Gettin’ Lippy With Crankbaits

Here's how choose and use different crankbait styles and designs.

Lipless Crankbaits

Rattling crankbaits are a mystery to some anglers. Here are the tools you will need and a few tips to catch more bass.

Don't Give 'Em No Lip!

Lipless crankbaits are excellent fish finders...and fish catchers. Their secrets are revealed inside!

'Trappin' Bass In The Jungle - Part I

Learn lipless crankbait techniques and presentations, the habits of bigger fish, and how to catch them with crankbaits.

'Trappin' Bass In The Jungle - Part II

Here's essential information to fishing lipless crankbaits successfully, including a mind blowing presentation you won’t believe.

'Trappin' Bass In The Jungle - Part III

Learn lipless crankbait colors and patterns, sizes, casting, scent usage, split-rings and speed-clips, line, rods, reels, and more!

'Trappin' Bass In The Jungle - Part IV

Here's a close up look at Bill Lewis Lures’ manufacturing company and some of the developments going on at Rat-L-Trap.

Rat-L-Trap Colors

The truth is that we do need a good selection of lure colors, but let's not get out of hand. Here are a few tips to keep it fairly simple.

The Care and Maintenance of Crankbaits

Caring for, changing colors, and getting the most out of crankbaits will require a little effort, but it has rewards.