The Best Bank Fishing Texas Rig Tips and Tricks - How To from Kyle Welcher

Bank Fishing for Bass
The Texas rigged worm is one of the best kept secrets for bass fishing from the bank. This how-to video explains how to fish Texas rigged worms to catch more fish from the bank this season.

Baits & Gear

Missile Baits D Bomb:

7' 6" Heavy Casting Rod: 

Shimano Curado 150 High Speed Reel:  

Sunline Shooter 22lb Fluorocarbon Line:

Gamakatsu 5/0 hook:

Gamakatsu G-Shield Tungsten Weights:


All right. Kyle Welcher out here. We're filming with BassResource today. You know, everybody that's a true bass fishing just junkie like I am, that's completely addicted to the sport, they still get out every now and then, and they fish off the bank. And if you don't have access to a boat or a big lake close to you, or whatever, you may just have to fish off the bank all the time. So, I'm gonna tell you something that I learned a long time ago whenever I was, you know, fishing off the bank a lot that helped me be a little bit more efficient on the bank, which a lot of people don't think really think about.

So, if you all have seen my earlier YouTube videos, you know that I've made a lot of videos fishing off the bank, so I've spent a lot of time doing it. But one thing that I really learned was, like, I used to walk through the woods, and walk through the grass, and try to get anywhere I can to find, you know, anywhere that I felt like somebody wasn't fishing or wasn't directly beside a boat ramp. And a lot of times, I would walk through the woods, get out on this peninsula, and I had the wrong bait for the cover that actually ended up being out there.

So, that's why I like to always keep a Missile Baits D Bomb one and a half-ounce weight in front of me. I can walk out there and it doesn't matter if I find grass, or rocks, or trees, or what, this bait is gonna get through it and it's gonna get me some bites. And I've caught big ones on this bait, literally dragging it on the side of a bridge, and I've caught a lot of big ones, you know, flipping in all kinds of heavy cover. So no matter what I come in contact with whenever I'm out there fishing off the bank, this thing right here can get through it and get me a bite.

But another thing that makes it extremely important to be flipping from the bank is I really like to upsize and have a seven-foot-six heavy rod That's gonna help me do a couple of different things. Number one, I'm gonna be able to make an extremely long cast off the bank and try to access water that I couldn't access with a shorter rod. Number two, it's gonna make my landing percentage go way up, because when you're using a longer rod fishing off the bank, it's gonna really help you get more leverage and get that rod tip higher on your hook set.

So if anybody has fished off the bank a lot like I have, you know that you're just gonna lose more fish off the bank than you off like the front of my boat. And that's mainly because I'm 18 or 24 inches higher right here than I am off the actual bank, plus I've got a long rod, giving me a ton of leverage to put that hook in the roof of that fish's mouth.

So whenever you're fishing off the bank, if you use a longer rod, it's gonna get you a lot better hookups. And another thing is, having a little bit of extra power will help you to be able to, you know, pull them over the cover or pull them through whatever because you don't have a boat to get them. So it's gonna help you land a lot more fish using a little bit longer and a little bit heavier rod, and that's one of the main reasons that I keep this bait always with me whenever I'm fishing off the bank.

So, hope you all enjoyed that tip. If you're losing a lot of fish off the bank, upsize your road, upsize your hook, and make sure you get them to the bank. So, that's my tips for bank fishing.

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