How To Catch Spawning Bass

Here's how to catch spawning bass without sight fishing. Watch the exciting video now!
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Hi guys, this is Gene Jensen with  And what I've got here is, the bass are spawning, and I've got a huge spawning flat that I want to cover pretty efficiently but I cannot sight fish it.  They're a little bit deeper, the water color is a little bit darker, the bottom is darker, so it's almost impossible to sight fish it. 
   So one of the rigs I choose to fish is a split shot rig, and what I'm doing is I'm actually swimming this Space Monkey through these lily pads and the lily pads stems really slowly.
   And the way I rig it up is I get two small split shot, put it about six- to eight-inches in front of the hook.  The hook is important.  This is a Moaner, it's a weightless Moaner Hook.  It's got a little hitchhiker up front, it's a good, stout hook, it's got a wide gap.  You really can getgood hooksets with this thing. 
   And then on my Space Monkey I dipped the tails in some JJ's Magic chartreuse, and that gives me the flash and everything I need to be able to at least attract these bass and kind of piss them off as it's swimming through this spawning area.  And that's all I'm doing.
   I'm just making like a little cast and I'm letting it sink just a little bit, and I'm slowly reeling it back.

   I learned this technique several years ago when I was fishing Lake Fork.One of those little-bitty, slightly different techniques that you can use when you're in a high-pressured lake during the spawn. 
   Everybody else is sight fishing and looking to throw their white tube in the middle of a bed and stuff like that. And with this you can't control what fish you catch, but this will catch a lot of fish on a spawning flat.  I love to do this when they're spawning in dingy water and stained water. Because once again you don't have to see the bed, you just can cover that area, and they're in there spawning.  I guarantee you that. 
   The water temperature is right, get just enough light penetration for them to start.  They'll do it. Go fish.
   That's why. That's why I swim a Space Monkey. Pretty sweet. I had a Space Monkey, swam through a shallow spawning flat.  That is a female. What do you think?  Good fish.  She wanted to go.  And that's basically what it is.  You just swim it through, and man, they come out of the woodwork to slam it.  
   With spawning flats you can try just about anything.  Just look at what you're dealt with, what's in front of you. Are you going to get hung up using whatever lure that you want to use?  And just adjust.  Adjust your technique, adjust your presentation, adjust your lures. And the results are usually pretty cool once you figure out the best way to fish that flat, and then it's just a matter of covering it and being ready for the bites. 
   But this Space Monkey on a split shot with a Moaner Hook is pretty deadly during this time of year.
   Well like I always say visit for the answer to all your questions about bass fishing, subscribe to my YouTube channel, check out all my other videos, and have a great day fishing.  Thanks.