Catch Bass In Heavy Cover

Summer Bass Fishing Videos
Discover how to effectively catch bass in a lake teeming with cover and muddy water. Learn the importance of using weedless lures, such as spinnerbaits, square bill crankbaits, buzz baits, frogs, and jigs, to navigate through stumps, logs, and bushes. Gain insights on employing slow fishing techniques to attract big bass, utilizing lures that create vibration and noise for better fish attraction. Dive into our expert strategies for successful fishing in challenging environments.

Keri: Still on?

Glenn: Yeah, he's got me wrapped. There we go. Come here you. Had a little bit of a backlash. I was picking it out and he grabbed it. There we go. That will work. Let you go buddy. Come on. Have a nice day.

Here's a great question from a pond owner. Can bass be caught in a 200 acre lake that's loaded with cover, like stumps and logs and bushes, and it stays muddy throughout the year? Yeah, certainly, you can catch a lot of fish in those conditions. But, because there's full of snags, you need to focus on fishing weedless type lures or lures that aren't going to get snagged as much.

So I would focus on spinnerbaits and on things such as square bill crankbaits. I'd also like to fish a lot of top waters like buzz baits, as well as frogs and toads. Those are the things I'd really focus on. And to catch those big bass, I would fish really slow. I'd throw jigs on there as well. You know, fish it nice and slow, as slow as I could for the conditions, and those type of baits kick off a lot of vibration, a lot of noise, a lot of flash that enables those bass to find and locate and hone in on that lure, and you're gonna catch a lot of fish that way.