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Frog fishing in the fall with pro Dean Rojas! Learn the tricks he uses to catch monster bass on frogs during the fall.

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Hey, guys, Dean Rojas here. And we're here with, all your great information and tips on bass fishing. And I'm gonna share some stuff with you with frog fishing for the fall...and the summer-fall in that range and talk about color selection, and talking about, you know, areas to throw the frog at. It's getting late in the season. And so, now we're gonna cover the fall on this. And I'm just gonna share the information that I've gathered over the years of throwing the frog to you, so that makes you a better frog fisherman when you go out there, and you can utilize these tips.

So, you know, fishing, you know, across the country like I do, I'm always faced with different conditions, different times a year where we start our tour in the early spring and we end, you know, towards the fall when the water temperature starts to cool off. So, we're faced with a lot of different conditions.

But talking about fall, you know, it's on the different spectrum of the springtime, where, you know, the frog bite is usually waning, as opposed to being in its height during the summertime and then in the springtime. So, it requires a little bit different technique, in a sense of trying to break everything down and knowing exactly what type of cover that they're on or around. And a lot of times in the fall, the water temperature, obviously, is cooling down. A lot of the vegetation, the grass, starts to wane and starts to die down. And as you know, here comes the north wind. The north wind is cold, it's brisk. It starts to blow the mats, it starts to kill the grass. The daylight is waning every day, we're losing, you know, five minutes, three minutes apart, depending on the part of the country that you live in.

So, the fish know it's getting that time we're getting less and less sunlight. So, the water temperature starting to cool down.

And again, like the springtime, which I found that, throughout the entire years that I've been doing this, there's these windows where, you know, they bite the frog really good. And in the fall, it reminds me a lot on the springtime where there's, you know, it can be really cool in the morning, you know, you'll have fog in the morning, you know, the mist coming off the surface where you have cold air, warm water, you have those type of conditions where everything's cooling down. It seems like you can catch them on a frog maybe first thing in the morning, but it seems like, again, it's that window from about 12:00 to 3:00 where it's gonna be optimum where the sun is gonna be pretty close to being at its highest, the water temperature is gonna be at its warmest for that day. And that's where you're gonna find, you know, the shadows, the cover, where you have shade pockets, and patches of grass where you can visually see them in the water.

So, those are the things that you wanna concentrate on, is fishing in and around, you know, the grass. Because the grass is gonna be dying, it's going away at that particular moment. So, you wanna be able to, you know, figure out what patches of grass that they're on. If they're on pads, hydrilla, milfoil, eelgrass. It can be any kind of grass that's on the surface, that, you know, the fish can get in and around.

Again, you're gonna catch really good quality fish in the fall. It's gonna be really good. But you also need to figure out, you know, where they're positioned because they can be in a foot of water, or they can be in four feet of water on a big flat. So, it's just a matter of breaking it down and fishing high percentage spots, where a bass, if they're there, you know, you can get them to bite. And they're gonna tell you exactly where you need to be at, and where you need to be throwing at, and to where, you know, you can catch those fish. But if you're planning on frogging, I would do that a little bit later in the day.

Tackle-wise, you can use anywhere from, say a seven-foot action medium-heavy SPRO, medium-heavy action. And then you go to a 7' 2" for a little bit heavier action, and 7' 4" action if you're fishing over mats that are deteriorating or going away to where you can cover a lot of ground and fish multiple expanses of just grass and find out what they're keying in on.

And one of the things to remember, too when you're fishing those big grass mats is always trying to fish around areas that have multiple species of grass where you'll have a lily pad, and you'll have some hydrilla, milfoil mixed in. Those are always really good magnets for the bass. So, if you're gonna be in and around, you know, a grass mats and it's got a few little pads, patches in that, that's where the bass are gonna be. They like something different. Irregularities is good for them in the water. And those are the things that you want to concentrate on when you're fishing, you know, open expanses of grass, which we have that in the fall, you know, in the summer and in the fall.

Tackle-wise, you know, we use 80-pound FX2 Braid, you know, and I like to mix it up with the colors and so forth. This is our Outback color, it's a very popular color across the whole country. It basically, you know, it's a brown shad color and something that you can throw all year long. It really doesn't matter and it's gonna catch them, especially in the fall, you know, when they're in and around the grass mats and so forth.

Water temperature is key. Obviously, the warmer the water, the better off you're gonna be. It's gonna be cool in the mornings, but in the afternoon is where it's gonna heat up. And that's where you wanna be at, in and around that cover. And that's gonna be that time where they're gonna punch through the mat or punch to the grass to come and get the bait. But just don't be afraid to throw it. It's a lot of fun. You can still catch a lot of fish doing it, and some big ones for that matter as well.

So, you know, hopefully, that helps you, you know, when you're going out there going fishing in the fall, and being prepared to go frogging all day. It's a lot of fun. And especially if you're just hanging out with your buddies and just slinging frogs in and around the grass and watching the explosion. It's an awesome, awesome deal. So, for BassResource, I'm Dean Rojas. And thanks for tuning in.

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